my ROTTWEILER has a white stripe going down on his chest!!His name is : GUILDO

by Anas

My rottweiler has a white stripe going own his chest does it mean he’s not a purebred or something?? but he has all the characteristics of a rotweiler except the white!!

My neighbor has a female rottweiler and mine is a male and i tried asking him to brred the two dogs but he tells me his is a purebred and mine isn’t!

Hi Anas
No, having a white patch on the chest doesn’t mean a Rottweiler isn’t a purebred dog, it’s something that can happen and you’ll be able to find out why by checking out this page of other visitors questions about the same issue…
White Patches On Rottweiler Puppies.

However, the only way to be 99% sure your Rottweiler is purbred is to buy from a reputable breeder who has REGISTERED purebred Rottweilers with papers to prove it. Even then there is the occasional unscrupulous breeder who exploits the system, but generally that’s a pretty good guarantee of genetic background.

Also, just because you and your neighbor both have Rottweilers, that’s not a good reason to breed them in my opinion. There are already too many unwanted puppies/dogs in the world and the whole point of breeding purebred dogs is to improve the breed as a whole, so only excellent examples of any breed (conformation show winners or working dogs who excel at what they do) should be mated, in the ongoing attempt to create the ‘perfect’ specimen.

Although a white patch doesn’t mean a Rottie isn’t purebred, it is also a conformation fault and not a desirable trait to pass on. As your Rottweiler has this white patch, he would need to be outstanding in all other areas and have something incredible to add to the gene pool in order to want to breed him. He looks like a nice looking Rottie and hopefully he also has a great temperament to match, so I’m sure he’s a wonderful pet and companion. I’d recommend leaving it at that.

This of course is just my personal opinion and I wish you the very best of luck with your dog.

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Mar 08, 2011


Pinch collar
by: Martha

Hi Anas,
I’m a little concerned about the photos of your dog chained with a pinch collar. Please don’t leave this type of collar on your dog, they’re only for short term use if necessary while training, and I much prefer the gentle leader style collar for that – great control of the dog with little physical effort, you just have to be sure not to jerk the dog or be forceful or you can hurt his neck. And I hope the dog goes inside with you and is not always chained in the yard – he wants to be with you! Good luck~

Mar 07, 2011


by: Anas

thx and plzz!!is he a purebred??

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