My Rottweiler Champ

by Nathaniel
(Sanger, Ca)

Hi I just want to know what you think of my Rottweiler Champ he is a pleasure to have love everything about him.

He looks perfect to me except for his height he seems a little short from other Rottweilers I’ve seen in pics. Let me know what you think of him overall his head, size just everything thanks.

He is a year old in the pics now he is about 13 months.

Hi Nathaniel
It’s very difficult to evaluate a dog from photos, especially ones where a dog isn’t ‘stacked’ correctly – you know, the way they stand for shows.

But, from your photos Champ looks to be very well put together. He’s got a great head and although it’s not very clear as to his eyes and ear set they both look excellent. His color is good and it seems as though he’s got a good, heavy bone structure. I’m guessing he has European bloodlines.

I don’t think he’s short at all, he looks very well proportioned. Rottweilers aren’t supposed to be huge dogs, they’re a working breed and dogs who are too big or heavy couldn’t fulfill the working requirements of the breed. According to the ADRK Rottweiler Breed Standard a full grown male Rottie should ideally be between 25 and 26″ tall (measured at the shoulder). But anywhere from 24 to 26.7″ is acceptable for show.

Personally I love the shorter, stockier ‘look’ but every well-bred Rottweiler is stunning to look at regardless… and their personalities just make them the ultimate dog I think 🙂 Good luck with him.

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Jul 01, 2011


still a pup – lot to grow
by: Girish

Sue, right said. very difficult to evaluate from photos, specially when the camera angle is not the right one.

your pup is just 13 months. more growth to happen in coming months. now the time for him to fill up with that lot of factors will improve.

ref. pic 1 – the loose waves of skin – the dew laps etc must disappear as he start filling side ways

ref. pic 2 – he seems good in shape and seem to have a good topline too.
other than the position of his right hind leg seems more inward due to wrong positioning.

Head is the catch. good head and a good defined muzzle stop.

its not about the good rotty, its how you present him too matter 🙂

few camera rules for you when you shoot your pet
1) try to keep the camera height below or same height of his chest level.
2) the source of light must be behind you and light must be falling on the pet

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