My rottie’s paws

by Danny

My rottie always seems to hurt his front paws when he plays, but it only hurts for a few minutes and then he’s back running around.

Should i be worried he just turned 1 years old on 1 Sep 2011.

Hi Danny
I’m assuming that you’ve examined his paws and can’t see any thorns, cuts, swelling or anything like that which could account for the pain.

It’s not common for a dog to have paws that hurt after playing, but perhaps it’s his legs (as in his bones/joints) rather than his paws which are hurting.

Growing pups are heavy and clumsy and can hurt themselves quite easily, there is also a condition called Panosteitis which causes pain and lameness in some pups.

If you can’t find a reason for this then I’d strongly suggest having your own veterinarian check him out to find out what’s causing his discomfort.

Sorry I can’t help more, but I wish you the best of luck with your Rottie.

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Sep 07, 2011

Thank you
by: danny

Thanks for your comments they have been vary helpful.

Sep 06, 2011

my rottie to
by: Julie

My girl Penny, has a sore paw and was always licking it and sometimes after a long walk was limping, I took her to the vet and he found near the claw and hidden under the fur a fungual which was being irritated when she was walking.
She is now on a course of anti-biotics and not licking her paw anymore. Hope this helps

Sep 06, 2011

paw pain
by: Judy

Hi Danny, my girl (8 months) has also been experiencing these symptoms..Has her at the vets twice now and they say “growing pains”.Was told the dogs grow from an end plate and not the centre of the bone,however their pain is usually from the centre of the bone..I ice it for her when she yelps for comfort.I also read up about Pano and looked for pictures of “knuckling”..Best I can suggest is to make sure your dog is not overweight.I cut back slightly on her food and when she quit putting on the pounds she seemed to not yelp as much..She would yelp and sit for 10 seconds and then run off like nothing was wrong.Dr felt she was a little overweight(70 lbs @ 6 months)so I slightly cut back..Another suggestion is the food your feeding…very important to not have too much protein in the diet..Other than that I would say hang tight and give it time..make sure to limit the amount of exercise that targets the front paws and of course smuther him with love…

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