my rottie’s naming game….

by gopika p p

my sweet ruby in her childhood

my sweet ruby in her childhood

My Rottie’s name is Ruby.

A breed like rottweiler should receive a powerful name and there is no doubt in that. Because their behavior, character, appearance are like that.

First i named her as Bloomy, because she was bought to our home when she was only 30 days old and on that day itself she slept on my lap. i had seen many dogs and different types of breeds but she was the one who had been more friendly with me and i loved her so much than other dogs that had been my pet, and she was so adorable and cute and I named her Bloomy.

But my mom told me to change her name, my dad was telling dopey, good for nothing names ,and i would like to puke all those names !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and finally i named her Ruby.

my mom ,dad and everyone liked that name .

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