My rottie is turning my life into a nightmare


by Aladdin

Hey there

It’s me again!! my puppy is 3 mths old.. I tried almost everything with him to make him stop biting on me and pulling my clothes and tearing them.. I tried saying no, the water spray thing and the pulling loose skin on his back of the neck.. for almost 2 months now.. and I got no result !!!

everytime I correct him he bites me again after max 2 sec. I don’t know if he’s taking it as a game or what !! but I can’t stand that anymore.. I love him but my dad and mum they wanna give him away now…. I have scars at almost every inch of my body that he can reach !!

Also I went to the vet and he was playing with a Labrador/Shepherd ( an adult dog) but when a golden came to play with him he ran away out side the clinic and was so freaking scared -the golden is still a puppy as well- does that mean that he fears dogs or what ?!!

He spends most of the time alone due to my working hours and he doesn’t get to see dogs unless he is at the vet’s clinic …

Plz help me !! 🙁

Hi Aladdin
I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time with your pup, but after reading your whole question above, I think a big part of your problem is that this puppy is bored and lonely a lot of the time, and that leads to disruptive behavior such as excessive biting, fearful reactions etc.

The biting should respond to the type of corrections you’re using, but it could be that he’s just so excited to spend time with you that he simply can’t control himself very well. I know how awful it must be to be nipped and bitten all the time, and in addition to the corrections you are using yourself I really think you need some hands-on help and strongly recommend getting your pup enrolled in a basic obedience class just as soon as you possibly can.

A trainer will be able to help you by showing you how to handle and control your pups’ behavior much more easily than I can help online. Also, he needs MUCH more socialization and human interaction than he is getting right now. Puppies need to learn to feel comfortable around strange dogs, people and places, and that only comes from regular exposure to them in controlled and positive settings.

I know that you love your pup very much, and are trying hard to raise him, but if it is too much for you and you can’t get the help you need, then it may be better for your puppy for you to find him a new home with someone who can spend more time with him and is familiar with big, strong-willed dogs such as the Rottweiler.

Your puppy isn’t a bad dog, most likely just bored, lonely and anxious. If you have the time and patience to spend with him and help him get more exercise, training and one-on-one time with you, then there’s no reason that you can’t overcome this stage. However, if that’s not possible you may have to consider finding him a more suitable home – for both of your sakes.

I do wish you the best of luck and hope that you can find a trainer or other qualified/experienced person to help both you and your puppy, and I only wish I could help more. Unfortunately this type of situation needs hands-on help – do try and find it. Good luck.

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Oct 18, 2012


It’s so sad NEW
by: Aladdin

Getting back to read that, after almost two years… my beloved and never forgotten dog passed away few weeks from this post back in 25/3/2011.

I couldn’t get back to this website all these days.
But now I’d Just love to say it was all because I didn’t spent a lot of time with him…… Right after I read your answer last year… Devoted my weekend to him I spet all the free time I had wit him….. And what a change… he was so quite. always obey my commands.. was the perfect dog that I never had the chance to enjoy more that few weeks and then, the Parvo Virus took over him.. and he left me. 🙁

Finally, I’d like to say… Love your dog. Give him all the time he needs from you.. coz you are his family and his only one… Love him and see how much he’ll love you back… see how he can turn your life in heaven.

A dog is the only creature that loves you for free.


Jul 10, 2012


we had the same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same problem with my boy when he was that age .. we tired everything ..the best thing we dound with the nipping and biting was chillie .. slice open a chillie n rubbed it on the bottem of my pants he did it once and never again .. we also had alot of other behaviour problems with out boy up untill he was 4moths old .. we tried creat training and it worked a treat . We now how the most bigest softest teddy bear on the planet .Good luck

Jul 11, 2011


by: Sheena

I had this exact same issue, starting when my puppy turned about 10-11 weeks. (See the post “My 13 week old female rottie is a terror.) It got so bad that I actually had to go to the Dr. to have one of the bites checked. I’m a nurse and don’t get overly worked up about injuries, but I thought I may need stitches for that one.

I was home with Chloe ever day. I played with her, taught her new tricks and worked on the ones she already knew. We would play fetch when it wasn’t too hot for her outside.

2 weeks ago I had her fixed. We figured if it was a hormonal issue, that would help.

Then 2 days ago, we went to an animal shelter that was having an event to help us socialize Chloe. We try to take her to as many animal friendly events as a free way to get her around other dogs and people. She loves other dogs (most of the time) but is scared to death of people.

Chloe fell in love with one of the rescue dogs named Charlie. So we adopted him. He has been a god-send. He plays with her and wears her out so she is exhausted. He also helps correct her biting. He tells her when she bites too hard.

So, my personal opinion is your puppy is bored and needs an outlet for her energy. That’s why she is such a nightmare right now. I’m not suggesting you get another dog, especially if your work schedule is already hard with one dog. But take your dog to pet stores to play with other dogs. Take him/her to a park. Teach them fetch or any other games that will use energy. It will help.

Jun 21, 2011


by: Iva

mine hasn’t tried to nip at me since i sprayed him in the face with a water spray a couple of times but it was on the mist setting and now when he thinks about nipping at me he stops and reconsiders his action before he does it.

Mar 21, 2011


by: Alex

I don’t know where you’re at but classes are a really good idea. I have an 18 wk old and he used to have the same problems. Pet Smart has a reasonably priced puppy class and you need to walk them and socialize at dog parks. I have come to notice that the more time I spend with my Bubba the better he listens.

Mar 20, 2011


by: Anonymous

ok, ok, puppies bite, then they don’t, my guy was a biter also, all i did was pinch his lip and told him NO! it was very effective and i never hurt him by no means! he’s almost 4 mos, fully potty trained and only play bites now, he even knows when hes chomped a little hard, lol he’ll still have my finger or hand and look at me as if to say i didn’t mean it, then we continue to play, everyday is an adventure, also think about the one you love? whos gone alot, to busy to play, walk, or maybe even walked by as if not there sad:(

Mar 19, 2011


i got the same probelm
by: brisa

hello iam brisa i have the same problem with my puppy he is 8 weeks old biting alot ous the things in the house everything i dont want to give him up i love him alot he is just being a baby but i think also he got apart from his mom to young i got him at 6 weeks well the thing he has being biting since i tried spray water on him noooo firmly he still doe it cries not to be left alone he is not alone all the time iam here with him he just dosent like to be outside alone but i got things to do inside he has peed inside the house a couple of times i bought pee pads wont use them man this gets very frustrating for me what can i do i cant put him in classes he has to be at least 4 months they say thats too far from now he needs training now iam scared he will bite ous when big thats a big problem please help any suggestions let me know thankyou

brisa hernandez

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