my rottie is peeing inside


by Mikee
(Sunshine Coast Australia)



Hi i have a rottie 6 months, he is quite a smart dog the only problem is that he is peeing inside a lot, also my roommate has a chihuahua that pees on a pee pad.

I don’t know whether this is because he has to pee or because he wants to mark his territory, either way we are both getting very annoyed at him but we still love him and take him to parks, he just seems to pee inside that’s the only problem, do you know anyway to stop this?

Hi Mikee
As your pup is a male and 6 months old, I would guess that he’s ‘spraying’ to mark his territory, rather than actually needing to pee. That is assuming that he’s housebroken already.

If he’s not been neutered yet, then I’d recommend having the surgery done soon, once a pup has started spraying it won’t necessarily stop the problem, but it will help. If your room-mates dog is also a male, then that could be escalating the situation as the scent of his urine in the house will trigger your pups’ natural desire to overwrite it with his!

Of course you still love your dog, and this isn’t a case of him being a ‘bad dog’, it’s a totally natural behavior and he has no idea that it’s not okay. You do need to begin to correct him when you see him lift his leg though. Tell him “NO” firmly (but don’t shout or scare him), you can also give him a GENTLE shake by the scruff of the neck as you say ‘no’, that will help reinforce the correction.

As he’s quite young, and presumably this is a fairly recent behavior, you should be able to correct it with time and patience. Meanwhile to protect your furniture and rugs you could try using ‘belly bands’ (sort of like doggie diapers) to catch the urine while he’s learning.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Feb 09, 2011


Peeing inside
by: Anonymous The best thing is to get him desexed. I have a Mini Foxy and a Rottweiler both males. They used to do it most the time whenever they were inside but as soon i got them both desexed, it was like they were two different dogs. And of course you must train them. I find when they go inside they get really excited so i wait about 5 mins then i take them outside again and within seconds they pee on the grass. When finished i say good wee.

Then i go back inside. Also try not to have water bowls around the house as this encourages them to drink and the more they drink the more they want to pee.

And also what works best is having your dog on a lead when your inside so that way when he is about to do something you can take him outside to pee. He will soon learn that peeing inside is not ok.

And to mask the peeing smell in your house after a good keen i used Astropet Scram indoor & outdoor dog repellent. It has strong citronella smell and dogs don’t like this smell. He will soon get that peeing is not acceptable indoors.

You can spray it where you don’t want your dog to pee. It’s also great outdoors. especially under the clothes line as dog’s love to poo under the clothes line for some reason. This product lasts up to 24 hours.

Feb 09, 2011


rotts are smart dogs!
by: charlotte rotts are very smart dogs he will pick up on the training.. be consistant, and always loving…he is a cutie…

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