My Rottie growls whenever we show affection

by Mikki
(Elgin, TX)



We have noted that our Rottie growls whenever we hug or show him physical attention. He is not aggressive and will show that he loves the attention ie. rubbing his ears, scratching his back above his tail, rubbing his chest. Is this normal? Is this is way of vocalizing his approval? Is this a common behavior with Rotties? I should note that he doesn’t nip, bite or jump towards your face.

He is a happy and well socialized dog, sleeps with our cats and 4 Australian Terriers. His temperament fits the AKC quides to a tee. Thanks.

Hi Mikki
Rottweilers tend to ‘talk’ quite a bit, it’s a low rumbling, grumbling sort of sound and to me it’s an equivalent of a cat purring. Often new Rottie owners, or people unfamiliar with the breed, think a dog is growling when he or she is doing this, but it’s not the same thing at all.

However, each dog is different and sometimes a dog may growl if he doesn’t like being touched in a certain spot, or is objecting to the affection. It sounds as though he’s got a great temperament and is very loving and non-combative so chances are he’s just enjoying the attention. However, you know Texaco best, and are the best judge of whether this is the case or not.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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