my rottie acts like he’s scared, i found him a few days ago and i thin he wass abused

by chris

he comes to me but when he wants to, and his face is kinda long is this common for medium sized rotties? but he has all the same markings as a regular one would and bigg! paws so i’m trying to make out if he’s pure bred or not so can u help me plzzzz!!!!!

ps: if u help me i’m only 14 so try not to use bigg words thanks lol

Hi Chris
He looks like a puppy, and from the photo he could be a purebred Rottweiler, but without knowing if the parents were purebred it’s impossible to say for sure.

He probably is scared as if you’ve just found him he’s obviously either lost or abandoned and is just a baby. Perhaps you could put up some ‘Found’ notices or see if you can locate his owners. If you can’t and you want to keep him you’ll have to be sure that your parents are okay with it and that you all have some experience in raising big dogs. If you don’t, you may want to try to find him a permanent home with someone who is used to big dogs, hopefully Rottweilers, and has the time, energy and money needed to take care of this breed.

There is lots of tips and advice on my Taking Care Of A Puppy page and elsewhere on my site that will help you. It’s also VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that he gets his Puppy Vaccinations as soon as possible.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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