my rott is too friendly


by joseph
(kersey pa, united states)

i have a two yr old female american rottie and she is too friendly.

i want her to be more protective around the house which is the reason i bought her. she is very active and hyper.. she is a good dog, very smart but she wants to be everyones’ friend and i don’t want that..

if u can give me some advice on how too help my situation i would appreciate it very much.

Hi Joseph
Although Rottweilers are a guardian breed they should never be openly or indiscriminately aggressive. That’s a misconception about this breed and it actually sounds as though your girl has the correct temperament.

Rotties are extremely intelligent dogs and they are very intuitive in terms of ‘reading’ people and situations. Your Rottweiler has obviously not felt that you or your family have been at risk or threatened, or in a situation that requires her to protect you. A dog who freely barks, growls, snaps or tries to ‘run off’ strangers or visitors isn’t a good guard dog, it’s a dangerous dog, and this isn’t something you should ever encourage in any dog, least of all a Rottweiler.

Obviously all dogs are different and you may own one of the very rare dogs who won’t protect their owner or family if faced with a real threat, but I very much doubt it. Your Rottweiler sounds calm and confident, willing to make friends and not fearful or snappy, that’s what you want to see. I believe that if you were to find yourself in a situation where you or one of your family were at risk, your Rottie would react entirely differently.

I once saw one of my dogs act very suspicious around someone, a stranger to me, (and this was quite out of character for her), it was obvious that she didn’t trust this person. I’ve no idea whether she had good reason or not as it was a passing encounter, but SHE sensed something and watched this person very carefully, ready to spring to my defense if needed. Normally she’s the friendliest dog you could hope to meet! I think your dog will have the same ‘sixth sense’ so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this.

Don’t try to encourage her to act aggressively or defensively if she doesn’t feel the need, this can cause anxiety and result in fear-based actions or reactions which are out-of-context for a situation. Never a good situation.

You say she’s a good dog, and smart. So trust her judgment. Just love her and be grateful for her ‘steady’ temperament, it really is a blessing.

I hope this helps some and I wish you the best of luck with your dog.

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May 27, 2014


friendly dogs NEW
by: Anonymous hey i have the same problem with my 13 month old,she just wants to play with every dog we see,which is a bit of a problem because she just will not leave them alone no matter how much they tell her off and she wont come to us when we call.

Nov 01, 2012


I have the same problem NEW
by: Steve In the original response “Although Rottweilers are a guardian breed they should never be openly or indiscriminately aggressive.”
But converseley Rottweilers should not be openly or indiscriminatley friendly.
I have been around these dogs since working for a breeder in 1985; they are regal, cool, calm, calculating, and loyal.
The bouncy, hyper, over-friendly characterictics are more apt to a Labrador than the Rott.
Not much training other than confidence building will help submissives; but friendliness is a personality and like the “luck” of the draw.

Sep 25, 2012


cant be too friendly! NEW
by: dasie and agador sparticus’s mom We have two rotts,a 4yr old female and a one yeard old male.both are sucks,they are kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly,literly.they are friendly to people when the come to our house after the inital sniffing period.when new people enter they stand right in front of me or our girls if they are at home.when our daughter brought her new baby home they took turns “gaurding” her.when we walk them they never walk ahead of me or my husband and often our 5&8 year old daughters walk them.e have never trained them to do this,they just do it.we have also never raised a hand to them or yelled at thema.we have only used a stern voice when needed.these are our 4th rotts and have never had anything but loyalty and love from them!they have all had one quirk in common,they have all just HATED tires!they will just go tires,motorcycle tires,lawnmower!this seems to be more than a fluke.has anybody else seen this?we thought it was from their cart pulling “short”pamper them,love and respect them and you will have a loyal protective family member!

Apr 25, 2012


overly friendly/submissing peeing NEW
by: susan I have a 9 month old Rottie cross(he’s mostly rottie but a mix of golden retriever) he is overly loving and wants to be everyone’s friend and he loves other dogs just as much. My problem is that when he greets people he starts to pee. I know its called submissive urination, but its embaressing. I’m hoping he will grow out of it. But how do I get him from being so overly friendly. I dont want him to be aggressive at all, dont think he could actually. But he has sooooo much energy and so hyper. How do I tire him out and to calm down?

thanks so much


Apr 07, 2011


Same problem
by: Anonymous I have the same prpoblem except my rott is a male. He is overly friendly and actually crawls to peolpe. I hate the fact that once you pet him he will not leave you alone. I hate to yell because I love him to death but, sometimes it is really annoying.

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