My puppys face looks skinny

by Danielle

4 month

4 month

4 month

4 month


8 week old

My pup is nearly 5 months old he is definitely a pedigree but looks so small compared to other rottweiler his age?

What is everyone else thoughts and how can i fatten him up?

He is 4 months in the photos.

Hi Danielle. Your puppy looks great and there is nothing wrong with his face. Head size, bone size and eventual adult weight and height is 95% genetics. All decided by his parents and previous generations. Health and diet play their parts in growth and development, but cannot change basic bone structure or DNA. In any case, there’s nothing that needs changing here.

Your pup may be smaller than many other Rottie pups his age, but that’s what his genes dictate. He looks healthy, great coat and coloring and he may not have the blockiest head ever, but he has good shape. He is still very much a baby and won’t stop growing, putting on weight and developing muscle until he is AT LEAST 18 months old, more likely 2 years or older. He has LOT of growing to do yet.

Please do NOT try to ‘fatten him up’, that will do nothing but add fat (not bone size or muscle) to his body. It won’t change his bone structure or head size and will put him at risk for bone/joint problems as he grows and throughout his life. An adolescent Rottie pup should be lean, not heavy. It’s better for his health and what you want. A fat pup is not.

Your pup looks lovely, and he has a very sweet expression and I am certain he has all the Rottweiler traits that this breed is loved for. Appreciate his personality and heart, and don’t worry about his size so much. Rottweilers were not originally bred to be X-large dogs. They’re a working breed, and needed to be strong but agile and healthy.

Just make sure he is eating a premium, nutritious diet and gets enough exercise and proper vet care and he will grow to the maximum his genetic code allows. That will be more than enough for him.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you both. ~ Sue

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Sep 06, 2017

so sweet NEW
by: Harley’s Mom

Your puppy is 5 months and looks very similar to my Harley. He’s a beauty….I wouldn’t change a thing 😉

Jul 27, 2017

thankyou NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the reassurance , what diet was your pup on , i am thinking of putting my pup on a raw food diet as he goes through so much of his complete dry food he is currently on wainwrights large breed puppy food .

Jul 26, 2017

response NEW
by: Rottie mom

Its funny how I remeber having this concern. My boy “polo” is now 120lbs and his head is fabulous. He started of scrawny and skinny and I wanted a refund at first. But He kept developing up til the age of 5 Years old. So just wait he will fill out. His before and after photos are on this site under his name so check it out….

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