My new Rottweiler Puppy, Moses

by Shannon
(Camas, WA USA)

Moses at 10 weeks

Moses at 10 weeks

Moses at 10 weeks

What do you think of him so far? I could have chosen a female with more perfect features I think. I’m hoping Moses turns out to be a good looking guy. His ears are folding back, so I’m thinking of taping them so they lie correctly.

In the first picture he is 10 weeks, 2nd he’s 12 weeks. What do you think of him? (the 3rd and 4th pictures are of the girl I did not get, but kinda think she has better features)

Shannon and Moses

Hi Shannon
I think he’s a lovely little pup. Looks like he has a good head and his body shape is sturdy, with good color.

When puppies are teething their ears can go a bit haywire, that’s normal. Personally I wouldn’t bother taping them as Rottie ear set isn’t one that is generally corrected that way.

Characteristics like this are inherited from the parents, so if one of his parents had ‘flyaway’ ears, then he could too, but from the photos they look perfect, and if it’s just teething pains they’ll be fine once he’s past that stage.

Every pup is special and unique in their own way and personality is just as important as looks. Both look to be nice puppies, but Moses is YOUR pup and is going to be your best friend for a long time. Appreciate him for what he is and don’t worry too much about whether or not his look is perfect, that is much less important in a pet than a good temperament.

Best of luck with him.

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