my new (7 weeks) rottie puppy started growling..

by raghwendra
(varanasi,India )

Hi all i know seperating a pup this early is not good, but recently I observe my puppy started growling very much (specially when someone tries to lift him up), otherwise he is very playful and naughty.

I like to ask, is it ok, or this is a sign of excessive aggression?

please suggest to me how should I deal with this effectively.

Hi Raghwendra
This is a question I seem to get asked fairly regularly, and I wonder if it’s because of the misconceptions that exist about the Rottweiler that it is such a common concern!

A 7 week old puppy is VERY RARELY going to be aggressive, they are still babies at this age and are simply expressing how they feel in the only way they know how – by using canine language.

How you handle this and react to it is very important and that’s when a mistake could lead to more ‘aggressive’ (but I’d rather call this dominant more than aggressive) behavior from your puppy.

Right now your puppy is just growling to tell you when he doesn’t like something you are doing, he’s entitled to his opinion but it’s YOURS that is important, so you need to correct him firmly (but with love and patience) and continue to do whatever it is you were doing but that he objected to. You are in charge, not your puppy. If you back off or are nervous, or over-react by getting angry or combative with him you will cause problems and more than likely the behavior you’re trying to correct will get worse rather than better.

So for example, if your pup growls when you pick him up DO NOT put him back down, or smack him or shout at him. Instead, continue to hold him securely and gently, while firmly telling him ‘No growl’. Use a low, calm but firm voice. If he continues to growl or even to snap at you, use the muzzle-wrap technique that I mention on my Stop Puppy Biting page. This involves gently but firmly wrapping your hand around his muzzle, and holding it closed for a few seconds while you repeat the ‘no growl’ or ‘no bite’ command.

You need to use a verbal correction, with the muzzle wrap only if necessary, every time he growls or snaps at you. Be patient and consistent and don’t expect instant results. Puppies learn through repetition so it’s a build up of the same cause-and-effect scenario that actually does the teaching. I hope I’m making myself clear here!

A Rottweiler puppy is just a baby dog, like a baby dog of any other breed. He is not aggressive by nature and needs love, affection, loving discipline and guidance the same way any other puppy does. Expect the best from him and treat him well and that is what you will get.

I hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Mar 22, 2012

new puppy NEW
by: raghwendra

Oh thanks a lot ,thks captain.I really got my answer ,I’ve seen all the previously asked questions regarding this.thanks for the information…..

Mar 22, 2012

cute NEW
by: Captain Nancy

Cute puppy and this growling will pass. He just doesn’t know what to do. How cute is he! Large head too. He will be a beautiful dog when he grows up. ENJOY

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