My male Rottweiler is 6 months old

by kerryann


My puppy is going to the vet to have a x-ray on his hips. He seems to be walking very stiff and I’m worried that he might have problems.

Is it possible that he might need a operation?

Hi Kerryann
Rottweilers are one of the breeds that are prone to hip dysplasia and other joint problems, however your pup is still young and it’s impossible for me to say what could be causing this stiffness and what treatment could be needed.

However, your veterinarian will be able to make a diagnosis and the x-rays should help. Even if he does have a degree of hip dysplasia, surgery isn’t necessarily going to be needed. There are a lot of variables, and several different treatments. And it could be that there is something else causing the symptoms. Only your vet will be able to tell you that.

I would recommend that you read my Hip Dysplasia In Dogs page as it has lots of information that will help you understand this condition better. You can also learn more about the symptoms and treatment on my Canine Hip Dysplasia page.

Hope this helps, I wish you the best of luck and hope your pup makes a full recovery soon.

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Jan 21, 2011


by: Girish

when you take xray just to be sure about stiff movmeent.. just dont take xray of hip

do take xray of knee and hocks too

for hip xray – please refer OFA xray posture

unless you get a OFA certified Xray posture the result may not be correct.

to get a OFA certified Xray posture the pup need to be given anestia.

its good to take xray as precaution but generally in growing pups even due to muscular ligament issues too such stiffness been observed.

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