My male rottie, Hunter – weight and growth?

by kam
(mississauga, ON, canada)

hey i have a male rottie, he is 12 weeks old today, he is 17.6 lbs. his mom weighs 100-110 while his daddy is big weighing around 125-130…. it was a 14 puppy litter

i am wondering if his weight is good and how much do you think he will be

Thank you for this amazing web site


Hi Kam
All Rotties are different and grow at different rates. Your pup is a little below average in terms of weight right now, but that really doesn’t mean anything. He is still very young, and this breed is very slow to mature and develop.

Generally a Rottie isn’t considered fully grown until they reach somewhere between 18 months and 2 years of age. Males seem to take slightly longer than females to reach their full potential, and the bigger males can take up to 3 years before they are full grown.

Also, they grow in ‘fits and starts’ and get their height before their weight and muscle development, meaning that they spend their adolescence as gangly ‘teenagers’, sometimes seeming quite out of proportion. This all takes care of itself as they grow.

You can usually expect a well fed and well cared for pup to grow up to be somewhere between the weights of their mom/dad. Males are usually closer to their dads’ weight, the females to their moms’. But as I said right at the beginning, all pups and dogs are different and there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer.

I’d recommend that you read my Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart page as it has lots of info. on this subject. Also I have a page of similar questions submitted by other visitors to this site (and my answers to them) here… Rottweiler Weight and Development – I think you might find it interesting.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your puppy.

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Mar 29, 2011


by: kam

Does the fact that he was born with 13 other puppies affect his final size at all ? (14 puppies in total)

thank you all for your time, its nice to see al rottweiler lovers helping each other through this awsome website,

Mar 29, 2011


2 times a day
by: charlotte

I feed my two year old male twice a day and he is a very nice size.The genes your dog was born with will pick his weight for you!!! NEVER try to feed a dog more to make them grow faster!!!! In doing that you could be setting yourself up for long term problems once the dog gets bigger. hip problems is first thing that comes to mind…

It’s all in the diet you are giving to your dog that will help him grow to his full potental.. mix that up with lots of love and you will be good to go….

best of luck to you…

Mar 28, 2011


let the pup grow as per his genes
by: Girish

the pup will grow to his genes with time

never over feed or try to make bigger getting concerned.

sufficient nutrition for growth and not keeping him starving is the key

the joints get stronger only by 12 months
and bones get stronger by only 18 months

so pup getting into his real weight (more near to his parents) preferred after 18 months which eliminate lot of risk on join health due to weight gain

all the best. leaner till 18 months is what i personally prefer

Mar 28, 2011


thank you
by: kam

thank you very much for your time and this wonderful website
do you think i should feed him more, or keep the same diet ?

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