My dog Roxy

by Daniel
(Queens, New York)

Lately my rottweiler is limping off her left hind leg. She also seems to have lost her appetite. The left leg seems to have a bump on it. However my dog has had similar problems only weeks ago and recovered from it.

As of today the symptoms have resurfaced and we do not know why. Someone please help me as to deducing what is wrong with my dog. Is it just a badly bruised leg, a broken bone, cancer, etc.

Your help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Daniel
I’m afraid this is a question that you need to ask your veterinarian as your pup needs a hands-on exam to find out what’s wrong.

It’s impossible to try to figure out the answer to something like this online – that is pure guesswork and not going to be terribly helpful.

Of course there are a bunch of possibilities including injuries, cysts, inflammation etc. etc., but only a veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis so please have your dog examined asap.

I wish you the best of luck and hope she makes a full recovery, and quickly.

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