my dog limps when she first gets up

by daniel
(mckeesport pa.)

my female rottie limps on her back legs when she gets upm then it goes away so it seems to me….

Hi Daniel
I’m not sure how old your Rottweiler is, so it’s difficult to say what the problem could be. If she’s a puppy, then ‘growing pains’ caused by conditions such as Panosteitis (bone inflammation that can affect puppies and adolescents, but generally resolves itself) could be to blame.

It’s also possible that she’s showing signs of hip dysplasia in dogs.

I’d recommend that you have her checked out by your veterinarian so that you can be sure there’s nothing that needs further evaluation or treatment. If her hips are the problem, the sooner you find out the more proactive you can be in preventing it from getting worse.

Best of luck with your dog.

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