My BFF Zach the Rottie

by Mad
(India, Bangalore)

That's our man

That’s our man

That's our man

My Rottie is a 3 months four days old guy, who is super intelligent, funnily manipulative and an amazing companion. I’ve been training him myself with the right approach and yes, he does listen and much better than other breeds, though he’s a little too stubborn to crack at the first few goes.

If I am to recommend a pet dog to anyone, it will be hands down a Rottweiler. Zach’s got all the perfect tan markings and very active. I have been reading your page ever since I got Zach home and thought I’d share and learn more on your site.

To start off with, I feel Zach’s slightly under weight for his age. He’s around 13.8kilos (30.8lbs), though he eats his three meals completely. Infact he goes attacking on his bowl, and chows in minutes. He was given a pair of deworming tablets by the vet while he was two months old and the vet feels he will eventually gain that little difference, so I am not very sure if it’s the worms. He’s absolutely active, plays well and has an amazing coat.

His dad’s a fully grown adult of two years and above weighing 50kilos (110lbs). We feed him Royal Canin for Rottweiler Junior for breakfast and Minced Chicken with Mashed Rice for lunch and dinner.

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Oct 25, 2016

Friendship goals NEW
by: Matt

That was a great post.
Thanks for sharing.The bond with Zach is really beautiful.It gives inspiration and some serious goals.

Jul 05, 2016

home cooked healing NEW
by: jayo

my rott/lab had issues with diarrhea and blood discharge at 6 months old on the top recommend vet food.i stopped the dry food and fed him home cooked rice carrots peas and chicken and some of the water the rice was boiled in to help solidify his stools as i thought he had a wheat/grain intolerance. he is a very fast eater and very active.after 3 weeks i have him back on sensitive dry food and he is doing great thankfully.he is half rott/lab and a rescue dog also he is missing a toe from his front paw but he is great especially with our other dog a retriever and the four cats

Jun 29, 2016

5 month old rottie doesnt want to eat his kibble NEW
by: Mad

Hi Sarahi,

Yes the thumb rule is do not let your Rottie manupulate you for food. Some pups are extremely picky when it comes to their food. And I’ve had such experience myself. But having said that in this case your pup seems to be genuinely not having the real Rottweiler appetite. I would suggest you to gradually stop kibbles for a brief period of time and prepare a home made food. You could mash up some 200gms of minced mutton into a very small portion of rice and mutton soup. Although some blogs read that grains are not to be fed to dogs, a couple of my vets have always given it a go and it has worked out quite well for me. You can come back to kibbles after a month or two and alternate his meals between kibbles and home made food. And rest assured, I would suggest you take a second opinion from another vet parallely and ensure he has no worms and he’s a fully healthy pup.

Jun 26, 2016

5 month old rottie doesnt want to eat his kibble. NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi My name is sarahi. I got my rottweiler when he was just 8 weeks when we got him he was not eating because he was basically infested with parasites. Vet took care of it and got tested for pravo. He is healthy but we have always struggled for him to eat his kibble we’ve tried everything from softing it up to adding pieces of raw food.. Tuna everything.. And it all worked out for a little while until he gets bored.. Now I’ve been doing the strict thing where I just give him his kibble twice a day for 20 min and then i take it away until next feeding. And he only eats a little bit in total he is only eating about 2 cups of kibble a day.. He looks hungry but won’t eat it. Never have I given him table food but he always begs for it (and i dont2give it to him) he looks skinny. We’ve tried different types of food like Eukanuba Blue Buffalo and Royal cani but nope he always refuses to eat his kibble what can I do??

Jun 22, 2016

Help My Rottie New NEW
by: Mad

Hi Vim,

This sounds to me like something that needs immediate attention. Normally diarrhoea and vomiting would not last long and would occur because of the pup eating rubbish. If the diarrhoea continues for more than 48 hours it calls for an immediate vet attention. As you’ve mentioned below, you have a vet visiting him and it is still not getting better, I’d suggest you take a second opinion from another vet, as at this point of time it is more important to get a solution to this problem asap. Hope he is fully vaccinated and I wish he gets well soon.

Jun 22, 2016

Help My Rottie NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

My Rottie is 4 months Old. For the past one week he has Diahorrea and Vomiting. We guess it is not parvovirus as there is no blood discharge and his temperature is 99. Vet is visiting him daily and he is put on drips twice a day. He refuses to take any food for the past two days and has lost most of his body weight.

Can any one suggest if it is any fatal disease. We are very much worried as he is very dull. Kindly help.


May 28, 2016

My BFF Zach the Rottie NEW
by: Mad

Hi Leon,

I will be able to suggest you something if you provide more details about your pup.

Firstly, would be great if you can share some pictures here or what’s app me. Secondly, how old is your Rott now and for how long was he with his mother? And the last question is, how much does he weigh at the moment?

By going on what you’ve mentioned below, as far as he is eating well I dont think he really has anything much to worry about, Rotts usually take about a couple of days or even a week to get adjusted to the new environment. And you cannot expect a lab and a Rott pup to behave similarly. However, I would recommend you to speak to your vet once if he’s showing signs of being very lethargic even after a couple of days.

May 27, 2016

sad rott NEW
by: Anonymous

hi , im leon . i bought 2 pups 1 is a female lab and the other is a male rott. the rott’s name is tyson , he is 3 months old, i have given him all the vaccinations upto date but he is very slow and silent ,he has a dull coat too. he is not so active and hyper as the lab.. he eats well tho. can someone help me and tell me wats wrong with him

May 20, 2016

me and my girl ABHI NEW
by: Anonymous


Mar 14, 2016

My BFF Zach the Rottie NEW
by: Mad

Hi All,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. This post is a few months old now. And Zach is 10 months old and guess what, he’s a big beast himself now. He weighs around 46 already and of 26inchs tall. I haven’t done much different, continued to feed him kibbles and then changed into home food, with mostly chicken meat and veggies with a combo of calcium and multi vitamins mostly suggested by the vet. Most importantly I really stopped worrying about his weight and blah blah blah, just let him be happy around us. Things are taken care by itself. He sure will reach his full size before he matures into an adult.

Mar 14, 2016

Exercise, Nutrition, and Size NEW
by: Justin S.

Personally, I think your rottie wont be as big has his dad; however, I think the difference between he and his dad will be little. In my opinion, I believe that you should change his diet to something different such as blue buffalo wilderness chicken large breed but only if you can afford it and feed him that as the staple. Also, don’t be too concerned about how big he gets right now because health is most important over all. Young dogs with too much weight can have a very difficult life as their bodies may not be able to support the weight. Especially while growing. Good luck and I wish you the best.

Mar 05, 2016

Puppy Weight NEW
by: Anonymous

My Rottie is a rescue dog, so I am not sure what he is mixed with. He is 3 months and a week old and he’s 12.5 pounds. He might turn out to be a lot smaller.

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