my adopted rotties coat is dry and dull

i have just rescued a 9mth old rottie bitch who has had a horrible start in her short life. An alcoholic and druggy had her in a second floor flat she wasn’t fed every day, her skin is dry and her coat is dull. I’m feeding her twice a day on chicken complete dry food is there anything i can give her to improve her skin and coat please?

she’s such a sweet nature, not food aggressive or dog aggressive, she gets on well with my other 4 dogs. i’m getting her spayed in two months time.

Feeding a premium dog food is the first, and most important, thing you can do to help get her healthy and improve the condition of her coat and skin.

At this age she can still be fed puppy food (specifically for large breed puppies) and you may want to check out my Best Puppy Food page for a list of what I feel are some of the best ones available.

If you want to add a supplement of some type, I’d recommend one of the ones with fish oils and vitamins, such as this Deluxe Itchy Skin and Allergies Kit. You can choose the ‘Basic’ option which contains Icelandic Salmon Oil and Super Daily Vitamins only, as your dog doesn’t seem to have allergies.

A special herbal preparation such as this Skin and Coat Tonic can also work wonders. Both these types of products will help to strengthen her immune system function as well which is a plus.

It sounds as though she’s a great pup and I’m so happy that she has a second chance at a happy home life. Best of luck to you both.

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Nov 05, 2015


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Jun 11, 2011


9 mth old rottie
by: shelley

ty so much for your help im in the united kingdom

Jun 06, 2011


bless you..
by: judy-canada

not sure where you live however I feed my 5 month old Nutro brand puppy food for large breeds..very important as it targets large breed puppies and has the appropriate nutrients needed.. always get compliments on her coat..I also have given both my prior rotties an egg mixed with vegetable oil and a bit of garlic powder. I do this every 3 months expecially during flea season..good luck and I always enjoy hearing someone took the time to rescue a rottie..bless you…

Jun 06, 2011


fish oil
by: Julie – NZ

I have always given my rotties a fish oil capsule and I am always getting comments on how soft and shinny my dogs coat is. Penny loves her fish oil and waits for it every morning. I just give it to her whole. My vet suggested it when I first got her as her coat wasn’t the best i guese because she had been living on a concret floor for the start of her life.(but I have always given fish oil to my rotties and even right up till they passed away they had beautiful coats).

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