my 9 month old is too hyper

(Eaton, Ny)

How can I calm down my 9 month old rott? She can be sweet one minute and the next running around the house like she is wild.

My last rott was not this way. I got her at 10 weeks. Did she get taken away from her Mom to soon?

At 9 months your Rottie is a ‘teenager’, possibly even a ‘tween’, and this sort of erratic behavior isn’t uncommon!

All pups are different and it’s unlikely that two dogs will behave the same way, but just about all puppies have ‘wild’ times.

One thing I would suggest, is to make sure that she’s getting plenty of exercise during the day, and that she has plenty of sturdy chew toys (see my Tough Dog Toys page for some of the best!).

Pups tend to build up a lot of ‘nervous energy’ during the day, and exercise and chewing are the ways that they release this normally. If they don’t have the opportunities to do this, they can get a bit ‘hyper’.

If your pup has her ‘wild’ times in the evening (something I call the ‘puppy crazies’), this is probably what is going on and she will outgrow it eventually.

Hope this helps some. Best of luck with your puppy.

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Oct 01, 2010


comment to scared
by: janet, eaton ny

I got your comeent that your rott is scaring you but I cant get to the reason why. I will say rott or the best dogs. Try getting the dog into a school. Mine has clamed down alittle but she needs excice everyday. and some times I just cant do it

Sep 30, 2010


by: Anonymous

my 8 month rottweiler afraid of me

Mar 25, 2010


You’re Welcome
by: Sue from A Love Of Rottweilers

I’m happy that I could put your mind at rest a bit. Puppies are hard work and they can be challenging, but it’s worth every minute!

Your pup loves you unconditionally and depends on you and you can’t let her down. Your partner should understand this, if he loves you – he has to love your pup too :o)

Best of luck with it all.

Mar 23, 2010


my 9 month old
by: Eaton, NY

Thank you I think I just needed someone to talk to. My boyfriend wants me to get rid of the puppy. I know she (Nevada) will some day be as good as my last one(Sierra) I just dont know if he (the boy friend) will give me the time.

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