my 8 month Rottweiler puppy cowers

by Frank
(Ont. Canada )

when approaching other dogs and/or people she seemd to be afraid? or shy, not really sure, will she outgrow this and become more self confident?

most certainly contrary to the image people have about the breed.

Hi Frank
Rottweilers are like any other breed in that each and every dog is an individual. Although they are a guardian breed, not every dog will be confident and bold.

A shy, or nervous, personality can be a genetic trait, or it can be a result of the way a dog is raised, lack of proper socialization and so on.

At 8 months a pup is also likely to be going through a ‘fear period’ when they are more likely to be afraid of, or react oddly to, circumstances or people that they’ve previously been comfortable around. It’s a developmental phase.

Don’t ‘baby’ your pup if she reacts fearfully, but don’t scold her either. Simply maintain a matter-of-fact and upbeat attitude and try to pass that on to her. Proper, formal training sessions and lots of socialization will help her to gain in confidence and lessen this sort of reaction/behavior.

Socialization is an on-going process form most dogs, and is particularly important for breeds like the Rottie who naturally tend to be a little ‘stand-offish’.

If your pup is happy and healthy in every other way, this is simply an area you will need to concentrate on in order to improve things and I strongly recommend getting her into a local training school so that you can learn the basics and get off on the right foot. She’s still a pup and has plenty of time to learn.

Best of luck.

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Dec 06, 2010


cowering pup
by: James – Michigan

My pup was the same way.He was afraid of everything It was actually a little embarressing but I love him so much I said it’s my dog and that’s how he is.At about 5 months he started changing and getting protective around the house.I heard you are supposed to let their protective instincts blossom on there own so that’t what i’m doing.He is 6 months old and continually getting more protective.He is well socialized and mostley protective at home.He is fine with anybody I let in the house, people outside are sometimes severly challenged by him if to close to the house.I’m sure you will have a similar experience.

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