My 4 month rottweiler is not active


by Tina

Since the last two days my 4 month old male rottweiler seems to be lazy and inactive. He doesn’t bark like always and does not seem to be alert (as he usually is) or even respond to my call.

We are trying to make him run and play, yet our efforts seem to be in vain. He is on a good diet. He is being given ROYAL CANIN every afternoon (about one handful of it)and is also given boiled egg. His main diet consists of curd and bread which also includes his other dietary supplements. Chicken and shanks are being given twice every week. His stools are fine, eats well and goes for his usual walk.

One more question I find his walk to be a little awkward. My grandfather had two rottweiler, male and a female (adult as i saw them). The gaits of the two are different. My rottweiler seems to have a gait of a female, but a bit more exaggerated. When he gets up, it seems that there is some sort of pressure on his back that we are unable to see. Please help!

Hi Tina
It’s impossible for me to say why your Rottweiler pup is less active than normal, but any sudden change like is often due to an illness or upset of some sort.

If he’s up to date on all his puppy vaccinations and seems happy and healthy apart from being a bit ‘lazy’ then I wouldn’t panic at this point. However, if he does show any other signs of dog diseases or symptoms then I’d strongly recommend getting him to a vet quickly.

Rotties aren’t over-active dogs, outside of the normal ‘puppy energy’ level, and at 4 months he may just be settling down a bit. Puppies are like children and go through phases and stages both in diet and activity/behavior. It sounds as though his diet is good, so I doubt that’s the problem.

As for his gait, all dogs are different and at 4 months your pup is still a baby, he won’t move the way a fully grown adult Rottweiler will. But if he’s showing any stiffness, pain or weakness in his rear legs then he needs to be seen by a vet just in case he is showing early signs of Canine Hip Dysplasia. I doubt this is the case as he’s so young, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

It’s possible that he’s in pain or discomfort and if so that may be the reason that he’s become less active. A vet will be able to make that type of diagnosis.

I hope this helps some and wish you the best of luck with your puppy.

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Aug 23, 2017


non active pup NEW
by: Laurie

I too have a 4 month old male Rottweiler pup. He also is not very active. I feed him a good diet (Acana Large Breed Puppy). I think you need to check into Royal Canine, it really is a sub standard food. I am concerned about my pup as well. Will be taking him to the vet.

May 26, 2017


…. NEW
by: Dhiraj

I got female Rottweiler I used to give her royal canin but on her 4month once my mom gave her rice and royal canin with milk but now she don’t prefer to take royal without milk and rice ..
Can you tell me can I feed milk and rice with royal canin daily?? It won’t effect on her growth and physic.

Apr 19, 2016


Omfg NEW
by: Anonymous

A dog isnt supposed to eat eggs, bread or curds…
Its bad for them. Royal Canin is also a sub-par dog food. Feed him proper 70%+ meat dog food, and no human foods except the occasional hot dog or steak (without spices or sauces!) His incredibly terrible diet msy be the reason he isnt behaving as he should. He needs proper nutrients that are menat for dogs. Please take proper care of your rottie.

Oct 17, 2010


my rottwhiler
by: rahul

hi dear iam rahul.i have problem my rottwhiler past 4day he did not eat properly i given royal canin food rice and eags plz help me out

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