my 4 month old rottweiler is not eating properly

by vijay

i got a 4 month rotweiler 10 days back, he is not at all keen in having his food.

we have dewormed a week ago, he likes to have only milk. the breeder had docked his tail and was on antibiotics when we took him, he is active but gets exhausted after a shortwhile.

Please advise

Hi Vijay
I’d recommend that you have your own veterinarian evaluate this puppy to make sure that he’s healthy and has no underlying health issues – and also to ensure that any infection has totally healed.

Puppies can be ‘picky eaters’ at times, but Rottweilers grow very quickly and need adequate nutrition in order to develop properly. I’d recommend that you feed him a premium puppy food with the right balance of nutrients and wean him off the milk. You can find lots of information on feeding Rottie pups here… Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food. You will probably also find this article very helpful… Feed Program For Overseas.

If your pup tires easily he may still have an infection of some sort, but remember that puppies are babies, and they do need lots of rest and sleep in order to grow properly. My Taking Care Of A Puppy page has lots of tips and advice that you may find helpful.

Best of luck with your pup.

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