My 15 month old puppy is often scared whilst walking


by Yasmin/Jesse

I have a 15 month old puppy and seems to be afraid when being walked. He can start off fine and then out of the blue he starts acting strangely, tail between his legs and wants to bolt off.

I try to calm him but he doesn’t want to pay any attention. i often try to walk him where there is every day noise – buses cars van etc, to try and not let this behaviour develop, but would really like to get some advice!

Hi Yasmin/Jesse
I’m not sure if you’ve been walking your pup since he was much younger, or if these walks are a new thing to him.

If it’s new, then it will take him some time to adjust, at 15 months he isn’t a tiny puppy anymore and will have developed certain habits and comfort zones… and it’ll take him a little longer to adapt to new ones that it would if he were 10 or 12 weeks old. But, he’s still plenty young enough to learn.

If you’ve been walking him regularly in this way for months but he’s still scared and anxious then he may be naturally a timid, or anxious dog, and you may need a bit of extra ‘hands-on’ help from a dog trainer to get over the ‘hump’ of his fears.

A basic dog obedience class would be a very good thing for him right now, regardless of how long he’s been going on walks.

Also, either way you will need to continue his socialization, because although it’s difficult for him it’s even more important than it would be with a confident, friendly pup. His fears can’t be allowed to get the better of him, or you.

BUT don’t push him too far beyond his comfort zone all at once, take it slowly and expect it to take time, and a lot of patience, to help him become more self-confident. Lots of loud traffic noises, people etc. will be very scary for him and it would be best to start on quieter streets, or when there are less vehicles and people about to begin with. Gradually build up to more busy areas as he gains in confidence.

Socializing puppies is vital if you want them to grow up to be happy, friendly and confident but it does take time and patience, and all pups are different in terms of what they need.

I’d really suggest getting some professional guidance here from a local, qualified dog trainer to make sure you’re on the right track. Hope this has helped, and I wish you both lots of luck.

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Jun 18, 2011


Scared of trucks
by: Julie

Hi there, my rottie was frightened of headlights and logging trucks. She is getting better. What I did was get a really good collar and tried to anticipate the fearful action by ignoring her actions and stopping when I saw a truck coming and distract her. She has overcome her fear of headlights and we are still working on trucks. Sometimes we walk up to the main road and just stop at the corner while one truck passes and then turn around and head home again. Don’t comfort your dog as this rewards the action. Hope this helps.

Jun 18, 2011


get a professional trainer help
by: Girish

The body language you given, show more of FEAR factor behaviour.

many toy breeds tend to have this behaviour and end up being aggressive due to fear factor

you cant let a 15 month rotty get into such fear biting situation.

the reasons why he behave that way, is obviously he is not comfortable or he is not confident about the pack leader who is you to protect him.
sorry to say that. but the first action you must take is get a professional trainer help and try to get the confidanec of your rotty on you as pack leader, which will make him confidant when he walk with you.

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