my 10 month old rottie is real skinny

by Darren
(westminster, co)

My dog is AKC registered so I know she is a pure breed but most people see her and think she is a doberman.

she is about 65 pound now but she do not have the block head like most rotties I see, so now I’m thinking she might be mixed.

And also what kind of food’s can I feed her to help gain weight?

Hi Darren
Your Rottie may not have the blocky head that many Rotties exhibit and her build may be lighter, but if she is AKC registered the chances are good that she is a purebred Rottweiler. Of course, there are no guarantees as there are unscrupulous breeders out there who can fool the system!

However, whether or not she’s 100% Rottweiler is probably not the most important thing here because she’s not a show dog and is a much loved pet and companion. As long as she’s happy, healthy, loved and valued member of the family then her genetics are secondary to her personality. She looks like a very loving and smart girl with a happy home, that is priceless.

At 10 months she is a ‘teenager’ and as such is still far from fully grown. It’s very normal at this age for a large breed pup to be a bit light or ‘leggy’, muscle development is fairly rudimentary and she won’t be mature or completely grown until she’s around 2 years old.

Although genetics play by far the biggest part in a dog’s conformation (ie bone size, coat, color, head shape etc. etc.), the right diet definitely helps a pup reach their full potential. Your girl may never have the blockiest head around, but you can ensure that she grows up to be strong and healthy by making sure she eats the right food. I’d recommend checking out my Best Puppy Food page for tips and advice on the best diet for Rottie pups.

I hope this helps and wish you lots of luck with your lovely pup, I’m sure she is going to give you years of loyalty and love, and get the same in return.

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