Loss of appetite in 3 year old Rottweiler

by Rd

My 3 yr old female rottweiler has recently lost her appetite.

She is still bouncing off the walls, still drinking and going pottie, but I did notice last week she wasn’t emptying her food bowl as usual and it is taking her a lot more time than the 4 yr old male who inhales his food.

It has gone from eating slower to eating less, yet everything else seems to be normal. Any ideas?

Appetite does fluctuate but that’s seen more often in puppies than in older dogs. However if there is a marked decrease in activity level, appetite in an adult can be lower, or if the weather is hot the same thing can happen.

BUT, a decrease in appetite in a full grown dog is often a sign that there’s some sort of health issue going on. It’s good that your dog still seems happy and active, hopefully that means that whatever is causing the problem is fairly minor.

However, I would definitely recommend having your vet examine her so that you can rule out any underlying health problem. ANY sort of sudden change in behavior warrants a vet visit because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Hope she’s doing better soon.

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