limping and hair loss in Rottweiler

My two year old rottweiler started limping two days ago and he will not lay on it but he does put pressure on it and also he is shedding an extreme amount of hair that is turning gray..

I’m afraid I’m not a veterinarian and I can’t say whether these two problems are related, or what could be causing them.

The limping could be due to conditions such as Panosteitis or Canine Hip Dysplasia, or an injury perhaps.

The hair loss could be simply that he’s ‘blowing coat’ right now, which is basically a major shed that most dogs experience during the change of seasons from cold to warm. The fact that it’s gray in color could indicate that it’s his undercoat that he’s losing and that’s normal.

However, severe hair loss that results in bald patches, or if his skin seems itchy, has a rash or looks red, it could be that he’s suffering from canine allergies, or has a parasitic condition such as Mange, or Roundworm.

I’d strongly recommend that you take your dog to your veterinarian for a check up to make sure that he’s not got any underlying health issues causing his symptoms. It’s always easier to ‘fix’ something in the early stages than to ‘wait and see’ and end up with a more serious problem.

Best of luck with your dog, hope he’s doing better soon.

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