Kartik Chandrasekhar

by Kartik

I love the name Seamus for a Rottweiler. I know it’s an Irish name and the Rottweiler is a German breed of dog but it’s such a great name.

I love all dogs and I have a soft spot for breeds with a bad reputation, like Rottweilers.

How do you combat the breed’s detractors (and by combat, I mean challenge their misconceptions)?

Kartik, the best way to change people’s minds about any breed, is to be a responsible owner and raise and train your dog to show their very best side.

Anyone who owns a Rottweiler, Pitbull or other breed which carries a ‘stigma’ can help by making sure their dog is a great representative of the very best character traits for that breed.

It’s not the dogs that are at fault (99.9% of the time), it’s the owners. People want these dogs for all the wrong reasons and don’t understand their basic needs or temperament.

Taking the time to learn about each breed, to choose wisely, and raising, training and loving your dog in all the right ways is what matters most.

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