is my rottweiler puppy too big?

by issa

hey i have a 5 month old rottie male, he weighs 75 pounds which is much bigger than the average posted on this wonderful site.

i don’t over feed him at all, he eats royal canin which is a top premium dog food, his dad weighs 145 and mom weighs 100, i’m afraid he will be bigger than he should, what should i do?

Hi Issa
It’s important to remember that the average weights given in the rottweiler puppy growth chart, are just that… average. Many dogs will be lighter, or heavier, and there’s very rarely a dog who is right on the average mark!

As long as you’re feeding your pup a good food (which is seems that you are, and I know that getting good dog foods can be difficult in some countries/regions/areas), and not overfeeding him, then I wouldn’t worry about this.

It’s difficult to evaluate him from the photo, but he doesn’t look overweight to me. 75lbs is definitely big for 5 months, but some pups have the bone-structure to support that weight and as it’s happening naturally then that is most likely just the way he’s supposed to be.

Also, depending on genetics some puppies grow bigger, faster than others… then their growth rate slows down and the ‘slow starters’ catch up. Every puppy, and every dog, is different.

As both his parents were big, heavy dogs, then he will most likely be similar when fully adult, and male pups tend to be closer to their dad in terms of adult weight than their mom.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Apr 24, 2014


Is my puppy too big? NEW
by: Sadie’s mom

I have a female Rottweiler who is 10 months old. She is a rescue pup so I don’t know anything about her blood lines. I feed her Acana large breed puppy food and give the amount it says on the bag. She is 26″ tall and 90lbs. She is has also just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia so we are having them replaced :(. Our vet says she looks great. Her form is good, you can feel her spine, see and feel her ribs (not too much) and she has the proper shape when looking down at her. What I want to know is Is she too big? I’m worried if I continue feeding her puppy food she will just keep growing causing more problems. Everyone tells me she is huge for being a female and only 10 months. Please help

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