i have a question 4 my 19 months old rottweiler

by wasiq

hello i have 19 months old rottweiler he is active and feeds well but he is so weak i’m much worried for his health.

please help me what can i do?

Hi Wasiq
I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘weak’ because you also say he is active and that he eats well. That makes it difficult to give you an answer that will help, but I’ll do my best.

If your Rottie eats a good quality, nutritious food and his stools are regular and formed properly then it would seem as though he’s getting adequate nutrition in and that his body is absorbing these nutrients properly. However, if he has diarrhea or loose stools or vomits regularly then there may be some internal problem with his digestive system which is preventing him from getting the nutrition he needs from his food.

The fact that he’s active is a good sign because dogs who are sick or ill are often very lethargic, have no energy and sleep a lot. But being active doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in good health, only your veterinarian can determine that.

If by ‘weak’ you mean he’s not big, heavy or muscular enough, then it could be that he’s simply still growing (he may not be mature until 2 years, or even 3) and needs more time to fully develop. Or that he’s simply not a huge Rottweiler and that’s okay because Rotties aren’t meant to be giant dogs! Health is MUCH more important than size.

As you can see though I’m just guessing here as to what you could mean and what could be wrong and I really, strongly advise you to take your Rottweiler pup to your own veterinarian as soon as possible because only a professional who makes a ‘hands-on’ examination of your pup can give you an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment if any is necessary.

Best of luck, hope your Rottie is doing much better soon.

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