I have a 7 month old Rottweiler female.. I have a question..

Ok, About a year ago I had a Rotty/Lab mixed male.. His name is CJ he is spayed. My husband passed away and I was alone and depressed so I found him a good home.. At least I thought I did. Well 7 months ago I got the chance to get a Female puppy. She is full Rottweiler not spayed. She is 7 months old at this time.. Her name is Precious..

Well I got a call from the dog catcher 2 hrs away and they found CJ. My name was still on his Chip in his ear. So I have brought him home.. I did the introducing out side of the house then brought them both back to the house.. All seems to be fine they don’t fight over toys and they both are not food aggressive. I feed them the same time.

Now my question. CJ tries to mount Precious some times.. And he tries to bite her. I stop him cause I don’t want him to mount her.. Not that he can get her pregnant. But it is just not what I want her to deal with at this time.. Is it ok for me to stop him or do I have to let her? And she don’t seem to know what he is trying to do.

2nd. How do I tell if they are playing.. They get to be playing with toys and then all of a sudden CJ will chase her and try to bite her legs…. Or neck. Do I need to stop that or is it play I should leave alone?

Can you help me please?

It sounds as though overall both Precious and CJ have accepted each other pretty well, but CJ’s behavior is showing that he wants to be the dominant dog in the home.

How this plays out long term will depend partly on Precious’ personality (ie is she a dominant dog too and will want to ‘duke it out’ or is she more submissive and will let him win?) and partly on how you control the situation and the amount of respect they both have for you.

In your home YOU need to be in charge, be the ‘alpha’ and make sure they both are obedient and respect you. CJ can be ‘second in command’ if Precious will allow it, and then she will be 3rd (but no less important or loved of course, just less ‘senior in rank’).

The mounting is probably more about dominance than it is about sexual behavior, although as she’s not spayed this will change when she’s in season even though CJ is neutered. You are right to correct him and tell him ‘no’ when he does it. The same goes for chasing or nipping at Precious, it’s not okay and he needs to know that. If you set the rules and enforce them lovingly but firmly they will both get the picture.

Don’t overreact but use your instincts to decide when they’ve crossed the line from play to conflict and then act on them. Both dogs will feel better knowing you’re in charge.

I hope this helps and that your now two-dog home is happy and fairly conflict free in a short time. I’m sure CJ is happy to be home and he’s lucky to have a second chance with his mom and new sister. Best of luck with it all.

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Nov 07, 2011

Thank you so much
by: Anonymous

thank you very much for the comments.. I have been working on the pack leader thing.. I think they both get that.. We walk every morning and they both walk wonderful with me.. Right at my side.. They listen to me about 98% of the time.. Once in a while that 2% they are testing me..
Yes I am sure we will have new issue when she goes in heat. I am hoping that keeping them separated at that time will help..
Thanks again for the help..

Nov 02, 2011

by: Judy

How sweet..love the name..we just had to put down our sweet Precious last Oct..now we have a new Angel..my husband felt a bit embarassed yelling for her at the park…lol..CJ is very lucky to have come back to you and I’m sure things will be fine…every thing happens for a reason..good luck..

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