I can’t walk normally while my small Rottie is around


by Aladdin
(Giza, Egypt)

Hey there

I just want to thank you so much for you precious help… you’ve been so helpful

My little Cesar is always biting my feet, while I am walking. He is always concerned about my toes.. when I say No it lasts for only seconds, then the same story is going on one more time if I am lucky, it is gonna be with the other foot!!!

thanks a lot.

Hi Aladdin
Cesar is so adorable, what a face!

What you’re describing is absolutely normal puppy behavior, but it’s definitely annoying and needs to be stopped.

Telling him ‘No bite’ is the first step, but if he won’t stop then you need to take it a little further.

You can try getting hold of the loose skin of the back of his neck and giving him a firm, but gentle, shake as you tell him ‘No bite’. This is the way the momma dog would correct bad behavior, and he will understand it.

You will need to be very consistent about correcting him, and use the same method each time. If after a week or so, the shake doesn’t help, I’d recommend getting a small plastic water-spray bottle and using that as a deterrent.

You simply fill it with water, set the nozzle to ‘stream or jet’ and when he starts biting your feet you tell him ‘No bite’ and give him a quick shot of water on the muzzle. Try not to get it in his eyes, or up his nose though.

This is usually a surprise to the pup and he won’t like it too much, so if you’re consistent in correcting him he will soon decide that it’s not something he wants to do anymore.

Glad I could help up until now, hope these tips help too. Best of luck with Cesar.

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Feb 28, 2011


I can’t walk normally while my small Rottie is around
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for your helpfull comments 😀 wouldn’t have done it without you guys ~!!! 😀

Feb 26, 2011


Yes, he is trying to dominate you
by: Raven

Yes, your cute little pup is testing to see if he can be top dog. He has gotten away with biting your toes up to now, so he is protesting your bid to now be in charge. You absolutely need to be top dog–or you are both in for some difficult times ahead. This must be done calmly, without anger and without violence–or you teach him that might makes right–a dangerous thing for a dog as powerful as a Rottweiler. You control his food, his shelter, and the affection he receives as part of your family. He gets no food unless he behaves himself–he must always have water, however. Teach him to sit, only give him food after he does what you want–even if you have to feed him one piece of dry dog food at a time until he listens to you–his leader. If you go outside for a walk–you make him sit, then you walk through the door first. He bites you? you put him in his kennel (yes, you should have one) and ignore him. Not as “punishment”, but as a “time-out”. Don’t yell, don’t say anything after “no bite”. Just do it–gently, but firmly.

Never, ever, let any dog, no matter how small, bite a human being. It teaches them a very bad habit. But yelling at them is not the way to act. Nor is hitting a dog, which only teaches him to fear and mistrust the hands that once caressed him with love. Alphas–leaders–are calm and self assured and consistant in demanding respect every time from subordinates–you must be also. But do it kindly, with love and understanding that you are leader for the dog’s benefit. You want your dog to get along happily around human beings. He will then get all the attention and love he deserves.

Good luck with your pup, and don’t blame your dog–it’s really just his nature to try and be top dog if he doesn’t see you acting as the leader.

Feb 23, 2011


more agrression
by: Aladdin


thanks… he is so adorable but some times he become a small freaking pain !! when I tried the No way it made him more argessive and when I pulled his loose skin he started to cry and then jumped on me to bite harder!!! i did it again he growled and bit me !!! so I hit him on his back leg and his muzzle he ran away then came back to bite ?!!! I think he is trying to dominate me !! am I right?!! if yes what should I do ?!!!

PS. the water spray method was good but it only lasts for 3 sec and then he bites again!! I have to do it like 3 times at once to stop him for awhile.
and when he see me holding it he doesn’t bit that hard coz he knows!!! but once i put it down he starts over!!!

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