I am getting a rottweiler puppy soon and need help!

by Mohamed

Thank you for making this site i have been reading a lot about rottweilers on it and it help me much. I never owned a dog before so i am very nervous.

Now i know how many times to feed my puppy per day and i expect him to poop and pee every 1 hour or so, i also have an idea about the vaccinations he will need.

How many times should i bathe him? (I don’t want to remove the oil from his shining coat).

How many times should i walk my 8weeks puppy? (till he is an adult and how many times to walk him as adult)

What’s the best chew toys for him?

Some people told me that if i walked him when he is that young he might catch a disease and die! so i am so scared.

Would it be a problem if i brushed him every day or 2 days and same for washing his teeth? What kind of toothpaste I should get?

Walking 8 weeks puppy damage his joints? (Please do tell me if i should walk him or not and if i should walk him tell me how many times from 8 weeks till being adult)

When i train him with treats should i do it before or after eating?

What kind of collar & crate should i buy for him?

I don’t know if my questions are important for you to answer them but please do help me and if i don’t know something about rottweilers i should know, tell me all details about it too.

Thanks again

Hi Mohamed
It’s good that you are thinking ahead and doing your best to learn everything you can about Rottweilers, and puppy care, before bringing home your new puppy.

You have a lot of questions and they are the same type of questions most new puppy owners have. You will find the answers to most of them (and find out all about the Rottweiler breed and what to expect) if you read through all the information on my website, but I’ll try to answer some of the more specific ones here….

Don’t let your puppy walk or run around in public places (including sidewalks, parks, streets etc.) until he’s had all of his puppy vaccinations because he could definitely catch a disease that way. The biggest risk is Leash Training A Puppy page for help with this). Play times are enough at this age.

As the pup gets older and is fully vaccinated he can go for regular walks, but just use common sense in how far. Don’t overdo things. However, it’s important not to let a growing pup run or jump on hard surfaces or from any type of height as this can damage ligaments/joints/bones.

See my Puppy Training Tips page for help understanding the best way to train your Rottweiler puppy. Including how long, how often and what methods to use.

As for products, you’ll find advice on choosing a dog crate here… Choosing Dog Crates and Kennels… and see my Puppy Crate Training page for tips and advice on how to use it properly.

Start off with a soft, buckle collar until your pup gets used to wearing it and his leash. Once you get to start proper, formal obedience classes I would recommend a pinch collar. They are actually much safer and less painful for your pup/dog than the regular chain ‘choke’ collars. You can learn more about the best type of collars for Rottweilers and other large/giant breeds here… Big Dog Collars

I hope this all helps and wish you lots of luck with your new puppy.

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