HOW wrong perceptions by many is defaming this great breed

by Girish
(Kalyan, India)

PERCEPTIONS ?? Angel defamed as evil :(

PERCEPTIONS ?? Angel defamed as evil πŸ™

Just tried to put it more graphically how people who are not aware of this great breeds’ loving ability defame this breed as evil.

Excellent graphic Girish. Sadly you are all too correct. Ignorance costs these dogs way too much! Thanks for sharing

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Jun 13, 2014

so true! NEW
by: zunaira

I appreciate what message you are trying to convey here I own a male rottweiler and he’s absolutely calm and the most loving dog I ve ever come across. Most dog bite cases are from the lap dogs or toy dogs but people often forgive them finding them cute. I have never come across an aggressive rottweiler to be honest and I would suggest everyone to experience yourself rather than assuming things after hearing it from people who mostly have not experienced being around a rottie!!!

Feb 28, 2012

you are right! NEW
by: Captain Nancy

Not only do they cross the street to get away from us, they make LOUD nasty remarks about Tugboat and how stupid I am to get a dog like that! He is the most laid back, loving dog in a house full of dachshunds. He LOVES people more than food for heavens sake. Maybe our nice dogs can be ambassadors for the breed to change the perception.

Feb 28, 2012

Agree NEW
by: Rachel

I agree this breed is so discriminated against. I have two girls and when I walk them people see us and cross the street with their dogs or pull their children away. It makes me sad because my girls are the sweetest.

Feb 28, 2012

So true NEW
by: Rebecca

This is so true. I have been a rottweiler owner for the past 20 years. I have experienced the discrimination by society for merely being an owner of this breed, from finding a place to live that accepted them to getting insurance on a house that approved the breed. I will always have one in my life regardless. They are such lovable loyal companions and irresponsible owners and the media have brought such negativity to this great breed.

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