How well will a 5 yr old rottweiler adust to new family.

by Marie campbell
(Lucerne valley ca)

I’m purchasing a 5 year old German bred rottweiler, how well do they adjust to a new family?

Please let me know, we are getting her the day after Christmas


Hi Marie
How well (and how quickly) your Rottweiler adapts to her new home, family members and routine, will depend more on her individual temperament than on her breed.

Adult Rottweilers are not terribly high-energy dogs, they should be calm and responsive to their owners, but may be very ‘reserved’ and a bit stubborn to begin with. The life she’s had up to now will affect how she handles the changes going on around her.

For example, if she’s been raised around children, other dogs (or cats/pets) she will likely accept ‘new’ companions more easily than if it’s the first time she’s encountered their kind!

If she’s had some basic obedience training, and is well socialized, things will be less stressful for her and easier for you to manage. If she hasn’t, then she may well be more anxious and ‘act up’ more, but firm loving discipline and clear house rules will help.

There are so many variables it’s impossible to generalize and hopefully you know a fair bit about her past so that you are prepared and can help her settle in with the minimum of fuss/change at first.

Although they’re a guardian breed, well-bred and properly raised Rottweilers should never be aggressive and are loyal and loving – usually bonding very closely with their owners. They can be stubborn, are very intelligent and some have a dominant streak. If you’ve owned and raised dogs before you shouldn’t expect any significant difference to the way any other breed of dog would react in the same situation and should be able to handle the adjustment period without too much difficulty.

As a product of their loyal and naturally reserved nature, a Rottie who has been with one owner for 5 years is likely to take some time to fully accept their new home and family, and she may seem sad, homesick and withdrawn for a while (could be several weeks or longer). This is normal and as long as you give her a happy, secure and loving home with a predictable routine she will come around given some time and patience.

Hope this helps and I wish you the very best of luck with your new dog.

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Thank u NEW
by: Marie

Hi thank u for responding, she is adjusting well and she is just a joy to have

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