How to teach my Rottie Puppy to walk down the stairs.?

by Debbie
(Getzville, NY)

I need to know how to safely teach my puppy how to walk down stairs. My biggest fear is that he may injure himself.

Baron is almost 5 month’s old he weighs 50 lbs. Any suggestions?

Hi Debbie
Rottweiler puppies are big and heavy, and they can definitely be clumsy while growing!

The earlier they learn to deal with obstacles such as stairs the better. As your pup is 5 months old he’s probably a big boy, so you want to start with the shallowest, widest steps that you can find. Let him go up and down them regularly and then graduate to more, and steeper steps.

Most pups manage just fine as long as you give them time to build up their courage and tackle them their own way, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

Best of luck!

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Mar 28, 2011


open steps
by: charlotte

I have a 2yr old male that was deathly affraid to walk up the open steps leeding to our basement. He would fly up and down the regular steps. I put Zues in the basement when the weather is to bad for him to be outside when I leave. The first time it took me over 2 hours to get him up the steps. I found that day that being right there with him, lots of encouragement in what I call the baby voice, and lots of treats was the best combo for him. He now goes up and down the open steps without any hesitation. In short you must have lots of patience and never get frusterated with him.

wishing you the best…

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