How to Stop Our Rottie from constantly picking on our Senior Dog?

Our Rottie will be 4 months old next week. He is great with the other dogs in our neighborhood (not agressive or ill-mannered)and is wonderful around our children but he wants to constantly bother our 12 year old (spayed) female beagle.

I know he is a puppy and just wants to play and she just wants to sleep. Is there anything we can do to lessen his urge to constantly bite, stand and sit on our other dog?

Perhaps he is merely asserting himself as the dominant male dog but we feel for our Senior dog! Thanks for any tips!

This is a very common complaint when it comes to the relationship between puppies and older dogs, and it happens with all breeds, not just Rotties.

Really all you can do is to correct him firmly when he steps over the line in his behavior. Often the older dog will tolerate only so much and then let the pup know in no uncertain terms that he’s out of order!

As long as he’s not hurting your Beagle, a verbal correction and redirecting his attention to a toy or activity is enough. He will grow out of this behavior as he matures.

You can also help to reinforce your Beagles place in terms of seniority by always feeding, greeting, petting (etc.) her first, so that your pup remembers that she’s higher up in the pecking order. If he really bothers the heck out of her and you want to give her a break, use the crate for your pup a bit more, or use a baby gate to contain him in another room for a few hours each day. It won’t do him any harm and may give your older dog a chance for a peaceful nap.

Best of luck with them both

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