how to make my rotwieler head big big big

by sahil

my rottweiler is one year old and his health is very good and his height is 26 inches and weight s approx 40 kgs and he’s very intelligent..

Hi Sahil
It sounds as though your Rottweiler is doing just fine and is growing up to be exactly how he should be.

At 1 year old he’s still an adolescent pup and won’t be mature until he’s somewhere between 2 and 3 years old.

Head size, bone size, general conformation, temperament and a whole lot of other things are mainly determined by genetics and if your pup’s parents had large solid heads, then you can reasonably expect your pup to have a similar size/shape when he’s mature. BUT there are no guarantees of course, genes come from previous generations, not just the parents.

The amount you feed your pup, and how much exercise he has, and his health care regimen all contribute to how healthy, strong and happy he is, but they can’t make his head grow bigger than his genes are ‘programmed’ for!

It’s best just to make sure that he gets well taken care of and loved very much, and then appreciate him for ALL of his traits both physical and emotional. Having a large head doesn’t mean a Rottweiler is any better in terms of temperament or ability than one with a smaller head. It’s only really vital in terms of show dogs that the proportions are the best they can possibly be.

Love and appreciate your pup for who HE is, and he will reward you with a lifetime of love and loyalty.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your Rottie.

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Feb 25, 2017

I asssume you are having a laugh? NEW
by: Anonymous

Unless you forcefully break your poor dogs legs and stretch them, there is nothing you can do. Your dog will grow according to his or her genetics.just make sure your dog DOESN’T breed ever if he or she is not eating the rottie standard as we have enough dogs being euthanized in shelters.
Just love your dog the way it is and let him or she grow.

Feb 24, 2017

Hight NEW
by: Nick

My rottweiler is six months old and he is doing great but just want to ask if anyone has idea how to make them grow taller.

Jan 05, 2017

Rottweiler legs details NEW
by: Sudeep Bangalore

Dear frnds….. I have 60 days rottweiler puppy the puppy health was good no problem but one thing in my puppy 22 leg fingers is ther means extra 2 thumb finger is there… Tell me in future is anything problem for puppy plz answer me

Dec 15, 2016

4 1/2 months rottie Shadow NEW
by: Martin

My Rottweiler Shadow is 4 1/2 months old. He weighs 55lbs but is (only) about 20 inches high at the moment. They all grow differently and the head is determined by genetics.I wouldn’t worry to much. Shadows mum isn’t to big and his dad is massive (29inches and 149lbs..) of course do I want a big boy but what I want to say to anyone asking about massive dogs and wanting to have a big head, none of you would get rid of your dog would you. You hopefully love your rottie so much that you keep him no matter how he turns out! Do i want a massiv3 rottweiler with a massive head? Yes! Would I get rid of my Shadow? NEVER!
Think about this. Enjoy your rottweiler 🙂
Ps: if he doesn’t turn out as massive as his dad I want my no e.g. back! Hahaha

Dec 03, 2016

My rotties face is not getting big… NEW
by: Mrinal

Hi I have a 8 months old rottweiler and her head is not growning so please help me.

Jul 23, 2016

5 month old girl stubborn NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased a female Rot puppy and she is now 5 months old. I play and walk her all the time however she is so stubborn that even tho I leave my back door open she will still pee or pop in the house. I cant get her to stop jumping up and getting shoes and tearing them apart even tho she has so many toys! I am so frustrated that I keep telling myself I am done and need to find her a new home. I try to make me the boss and she wont let me be the boss and barks at me and nips at me. I train her to sit or speak and she wont do it unless I have a treat to give her. I feel horrible to have her locked up in a crate and have done so several times. She screams all night long. I do tell her no with a hard tone but never scream at her and now she is acting like she is afraid of me. I feel like maybe we are not clicking. My 1st rot who is now 11 years old never gave me issues and listens very well … I dont want to give her up but I am at the point that I feel its best as I am at work all day and only get a few hours at night with her…. I leave door to back yard open day and night while its summer that is ok, but come winter I cant do that and she is being so lazy that she will just do it where she wants

Jul 01, 2015

Feed NEW
by: Redhair

Ol Roy dog food adult, don’t overfeed under 4months until 18 week, give milk 2 times per month until 17 weeks. build will boost growth, half n half with puppy food for one week after 18 weeks and adult other week until puppy food is gonegone, this way the puppy stomach can be mindful that there is food & eat more cause stomach is being strengthen to hold more due to hip problems. The weight after 18 weeks matter helping ur puppy’s hips gain strength w/ weight I hope this helps.

May 20, 2015

Bought new 1month ROTT puppy NEW
by: Vinodh

Anyone guide me what are all and how the foods to be feed’d?

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