How to get a 2years old rottweiler used to swimming?

by Praneeth
(Colombo,Sri Lanka)


My male rottweiler who is a 2years old love water, but he is scared of getting in a lake or sea and swim. how do i get him used to swimming in lakes and sea?

thank you.

Hi Praneeth
Dogs are like people, some of the love the water – others, not so much. Some are even scared of it. Liking water in a bowl, hose or puddle is quite different to liking it in large quantities.. such as a lake or the sea!

Obviously a lot of deep water has inherent dangers, and your dog is quite rightly cautious about it. However, Rottweilers are generally good swimmers (although not all will want to, or like to, swim. It’s a personal preference) and you can help your dog by getting in the water yourself and encouraging him to try it out. He’s more likely to feel brave enough to try if you’re already in there.

Perhaps start off with a big wading pool so that he gets to be familiar with feeling water up to his chest etc, and then graduate to a lake. Starting in the shallows. But, if he’s scared of it and doesn’t want to get in, don’t force him. That will only make him more frightened and if he gets panicky he may never try it again.

If you and your family are having fun in the water (perhaps playing ball etc. but without a whole lot of splashing!) while he’s just watching he’ll probably want to come and join the fun.

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