how to differentiate Panosteitis with Hip or elbow dysplasia symptoms


by sanjay

Both symptoms mostly seen in rottweiler puppy’s when nearing 6 months of age

Technically speaking even HD cannot be confirmed without proper radiography. but too earlier for a puppy which is growing and just 6 months

A pup which walk normally without a bunny hop etc, but sit in between when walking

A pup which pressed firm on the hind joints react as if paining !

A pup which comfortable laying on his back

A pup but when try to move the hind legs inward outward when laid on back resists ?

How can one ascertain from all the above facts is the pup having a HD prob or just going through the Panosteitis stage ?

What symptoms actually differentiate Panosteitis with HD /ED problems without going for radiography ?

Any suggestions ?

Hi Sanjay
As you say, the only way to make a definitive diagnosis of either Panosteitis or HD/ED is by taking the appropriate X-rays – and in the case of canine hip dysplasia, 6 months is too early for an accurate evaluation.

There are a few things that can help you figure out whether it’s Pano or HD, but they’re only guidelines, they can’t be considered totally accurate. Only X-rays and proper professional veterinary evaluation will do that.

Firstly, Panosteitis is usually seen in the front legs first and is often very intermittent in nature. Often there will be swelling of the leg joints visible to the naked eye, but the pain is felt more in the middle of the bone (between joints) rather than centered on the joint itself.

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia are connected with the rear legs and often include weakness or stiffness on rising, a bunny-hopping (or unusual) gait, clicking sound when walking etc. If there is pain or discomfort it will usually be on the rear (hip area) and the dog may resist having hips or rear legs manipulated. However, many dogs don’t like anyone to play around with their legs anyway, so that’s not a great indicator.

If you have any concerns about either of these conditions in your pup I’d recommend a professional evaluation as a first step. Sometimes a vet can tell if there is a hip problem by physically manipulating the joints, but at this age it’s a bit hit-and-miss.

Hope this helps a bit, I wish you the best of luck with your pup.

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