How to control the energy of a rottie puppy – after a minor surgery

by GN

My rottie puppy had developed a cyst on his front leg which i got removed through a minor surgery.

Now the biggest question is with the stitches there and it’s very difficult to control his energy level as we cant take him out to walk as we used to do earlier.

He just want to play and running etc is putting up lot of stress on his stitch how to control his energy?

when children are not at home, he is very calm and prefer sleeping , but the moment children are back home he just want to play with them. very difficult to stop him and rest till his stitches get proper

is massaging can help or any other methods we need to practice to control his energy for a week ’till he is fit enough to start his walk outside?

Rottweiler puppies aren’t the most energetic of breeds a lot of the time, but they certainly do need a fair bit of exercise to work off that excess energy.

I’d strongly recommend getting a crate if you don’t already have one, and using that to contain him when the kids are home and he wants to run wild. Be sure to give him some very entertaining and sturdy chew toys to help him dissipate some of that pent up emotion though!

If he can walk slowly, then short walks would be okay, just no running or jumping. Using his brain is also tiring for a pup, so several short training sessions a day (even if it’s just practicing ‘sit’ or ‘shake’ or whatever) could help. Massage may help to relax him some, but I really don’t know too much about that so you’d need to do some online research to learn more.

As it’s just a week or so that you need to keep him less active, a crate is really your best option even if he hates being in it for longer than usual. It’s for his own good and you know that so don’t feel bad about it.

Hope this helps a little, and that your pup is on the mend very soon and back to running around happily. Best of luck.

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