How to control bad behaviour in my 12month old rottweiler

by Rachael

hi, my rottweiler Bow is 12 months old, i’m currently expecting my first child.

Bow is very hyper and over playful, she bites, destroys, jumps on furniture and jumps up people. she is a lovely dog and has never showed any aggressiveness!

what can i do to stop this bad behaviour?

Hi Rachael
I know that Bow is a big girl, but at 12 months old she’s still a teenager/adolescent and is likely to be considerably more active, energetic and ‘hyper’ than she’ll be as an adult.

It sounds as though perhaps you haven’t been clear enough in showing her what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t, and when a pup is younger (and smaller!), this sort of stuff doesn’t seem to be such a problem. However as the pup grows it becomes more difficult to tolerate, which is why it’s easiest to get it taken care of during those first few months rather than when it actually has grown to be a nuisance.

Still, Bow is still young and will learn quickly as long as you are consistent and loving in your corrections and show her clearly what you expect from her. I’d recommend getting a crate and using it for short periods during the day so that she gets used to playing quietly by herself. A crate keeps her safe and protects your belongings, it will also be very helpful to have this habit already comfortably established by the time your baby comes as there will be times when you need to devote 100% of your attention to the baby, without making Bow feel upset or left-out.

Make sure she’s getting enough exercise too, there’s a lot of truth to the saying that ‘a tired puppy is a good puppy’!! At least 2 walks a day plus a play session, and at least one short training session are ideal.

I’d recommend that you check out my Stop Puppy Biting page as it has lots of tips and advice to help you correct her nipping. The same sort of corrections work well for jumping and chewing behaviors.

By now this ‘naughty’ behavior has become a habit so you need to realize that it will take some time for Bow to break these old habits and adopt the new, correct, habits. You’ll need to be very consistent and very patient with her during this learning period. Rotties are very intelligent and very eager to please, so once she understands what you want she will try hard to obey, it just will take some time.

I’d also recommend getting her enrolled in a basic obedience class at a local dog obedience school. It will help your relationship, be great socialization experience for her, and allow you to get some hands-on help with any issues/problems. If it’s difficult for you to handle her during your pregnancy, perhaps your husband or another family member could work with her for now. This sort of mental stimulation also helps to calm a pup and has a ripple effect on their behavior as a whole. For basic obedience commands that you can work on at home, check out my Free Puppy Training Tips page.

It sounds as though Bow is a great girl overall, just hasn’t learned the rules properly yet. If you give her the time, patience and lessons that she needs I’m sure she will grow into a great adult, she just needs your help to get there.

I hope this helps some, I wish you the best of luck.

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May 10, 2017


Had the same problem NEW
by: Dominique

I have a boy rottweiler puppy and he does the same thing we decided to pay for home training classes AMD he doing better now… He listens and doing better… Best decision I made getting classes

Jan 07, 2017


At wits end NEW
by: Marissa

10 1/2 month old Dottie out of contract. Had obedience and boot camp training and it did not do a thing for him. Walks now consist of him jump I up and grabbing the leash growling snapping and biting. Pulling on prong collar only seems to encourage the behavior. Not sure what else to do and thinking of giving him up at this point

Sep 12, 2015


Bruce 10 months NEW
by: Jack

I have a boy called Bruce that is 10 months old he live as with my partner and my 3 year old boy and a 18 month pug cross he is fine with the pug (gizmo) and respond to commands in th house but when I take him out for walk he doesn’t respond to commandant me or my partner he pulls really hard when seeing another dog I let him meet the dog and he try’s to be dominated over everyone but he does get that arrgessevie I mean some help when out and about with him as it is becoming harder and harder to walk him

Sep 09, 2012


rogue is destroying my home NEW
by: Kathi

Rogue is an 11 month old rottie, he is a good boy. He has behaviors of eating my couch cushions and furniture. I do not want to put him in the shelter. He continues to be destructive what do you recommend.

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