How to choose the right rottweiler puppy?

I am about to acquire a 8 week rottweiler puppy (male) from a reputable breeder, who has also sold previous rottweilers to a very dear friend of mine.

I am looking for a puppy that will be a family pet but I also intend to work with a dog trainer for obedience, and as the dog progresses, I would like to enter him in obedience trials when he reaches the proper age.

I will be meeting all the puppies for the first time next week, I will be viewing 4 males, what should I be looking for when I meet the pups???


It sounds as though you’ve already taken a huge step in the right direction by making sure that you’re buying from a reputable breeder, so that’s a good start.

A good breeder will make sure that all the puppies (and the parent dogs) are healthy, up to date on vaccinations and have had all the necessary health tests – including hip and elbow certification, heart and eye certifications for the adults.

A healthy Rottie pup will be chubby but not fat (unless he’s eaten within the previous 15 minutes he shouldn’t have a distended or bloated belly), bright eyes, clean coat, no discharge from eyes, nose or ears and no sign of dried feces on his rear end.

Look for active puppies who are romping and playing together. For first time owners it’s usually best to go for a ‘middle of the road’ puppy – one who’s friendly and confident but not the bossy, ‘alpha’ of the litter. Rottweilers should never be shy or fearful and if there is a seriously shy or nervous pup that would not be a good choice.

As you are buying from a reputable and experienced breeder, I’d recommend letting him/her help you to choose. A breeder knows their dogs and puppies better than anyone else, and if you explain fully what you are looking for and planning for this pup they will be able to make sure that you get a good ‘fit’.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your new puppy

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