how to calm down a rottie after a run


We take our Rottie to a field with another dog friend she is a about the same age 3yrs old and our rottie has a ball running around but when we take her home it scares me how she pants with tongue sticking out….

How do I calm her down before I give her any water which the past couple of time she threw it up……. any suggestions?

I know what you mean, Rottweilers are big, heavy dogs and they can get themselves pretty riled up, especially if it’s hot.

I’d recommend limiting the rough-and-tumble and racing around if the weather is hot, maybe walk them together a bit instead. You could also institute a ‘cool down’ routine by adding a slower paced walk around the field at the end of the play session.

In time your dog will recognize that as the end of the ‘fun and games’ and will start to anticipate going home and quietening down.

When you get her home, perhaps put her in her crate or in a separate room by herself where it’s cool and quiet to unwind. Give her one of her favorite chew toys or bones (not edible ones) to take out any left-over energy on. Dogs use chewing as a way of releasing tension and such, so it’s a good way to help her slow down.

Only offer her water once her breathing has returned to normal, or close to it, and she’s not excitable. Eating or drinking too soon after, or immediately before, exercising can sometimes cause Canine Bloat in big, deep-chested dogs like Rotties.

Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck with your dog

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