How many times should I be walking my rottie puppy?

She’s 1 and a half months old and ‘im not sure if i should be walking her since she has so much energy……

and she’s constantly biting me and my family! HELP

If you’re pup is one and a half months old she’s probably around 6 – 7 weeks old and is still a tiny baby. She doesn’t need to be formally ‘walked’ but she will need exercise through short play sessions.

Little puppies are like babies, they play hard for a little while… then need a nap! To learn more about normal puppy behavior and how to care for her, check out my Taking Care Of A Puppy page.

Biting and nipping is a classic puppy behavior and all puppies do it. It can be much worse in puppies taken from their momma too early (under 8 weeks) which I think may be the case here. This is puppy ‘play’ and in a litter situation it’s how puppies learn about ‘bite inhibition’ (basically how hard you can bite, and how far you can go before there’s trouble!). As she no longer has siblings to play with she’s using you and your family.

Although it’s normal, it does need to be discouraged and you can learn all about dealing with this on my Stop Puppy Biting page.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your little girl.

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Oct 03, 2010


Biting …
by: Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom


Your pup is indeed a tiny baby who did not get his full requirement of sibling playtime, as Sue stated, this is how they learn what is acceptable in behavior. He is much too young to be walked. Play until he is tired and then let him sleep.

We have a beautiful 4 yr. black AKC Pomeranian that was 5 weeks old when the Mom stopped feeding him. Gee, wonder why … the young owners had allowed her to be bred 3 heats in a row!
To the point … since he did not get the litter training needed, he has a biting problem when you try to clean his eyes, etc. He was not bitten by his sibling or Mother so did not learn. They need that learning phase.

Oct 02, 2010


not a good idea
by: samantha

rottweilers are exremely subseptible to parvo, it is recommended that you do not let your puppy walk in any public places until they have all their shots 4months is usually the age when they can go out a few day after they get their first rabie shot

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