how do i stop my male 2 month old puppy from stop relieving inside the house? how do i make him not bite my leg or my other dog?

by kevin

I have an 2 month old rotweiler puppy its been 2 weeks since i got him. he constantly keeps biting my heel and trousers, he does this to all even my 4 year old dachshund which is very painful. i keep pushing him, saying no many times and newer worked out even tried rolling a news paper and hitting on a wall saying no when he bites. he stops for the moment and then continues.

Every time he relieves himself in the house i carry him to the place where he has to pee and also praise him when he relieves outside but he often relieves him self in the house no matter what.

kindly do help me in how to train him and correct him in these issues. thanks in advance .

Hi Kevin
The things you describe are actually very normal puppy behaviors, although they are frustrating and obviously need to be corrected!

All puppies bite and nip to some extent, and many of them bite and pull on pant-legs, ankles and so on. I’d strongly recommend that you read my Stop Puppy Biting page as it has all the tips and advice you need to discourage this behavior.

As for the problems with housebreaking, I’d recommend getting a crate and using that to help prevent your pup from having the opportunity to relieve himself indoors. Puppies don’t naturally know that they need to eliminate outdoors and you need to teach him what is expected of him by preventing him from making mistakes indoors, and always taking him to his ‘potty spot’ outdoors frequently. This way he builds a ‘habit’ of only doing his business outdoors and it eventually becomes an instinctive behavior.

My Housebreaking A Puppy page has lots of tips and advice to help you. For specific and detailed information on using a crate, check out this webpage… Crate Training A Puppy.

You need lots of patience and consistency to train a pup as they learn through repetition and habit. If you follow the advice on the pages above I think you’ll find things get much easier. Best of luck!

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