How can my neutered male Rottweiler become more protective of my property?


by Jerry
(Natchez, MS , Adams County)

My Rottweiler is 3 years old, has been neutered, is a wonderful dog, but he is just a big baby and wants to play with anyone coming into or onto my gated property.

Also, he is not the least menacing (other than size) to strangers walking along the gates and fence line of our property.

Can anything be done to make him more protective.

He stays outside and is never allowed in the house.

I was told that a female companion would make him more protective. Is that true?


J. Krouse

Hi Jerry
I personally doubt that your Rottweiler would fail to protect you if he felt that you, your family, or your property were in real danger or under threat.

Rottweilers are very discerning guard dogs, guarding does NOT mean being aggressive or defensive when there is no reason to be. Dogs seem to have senses that we don’t possess and are able to ‘feel’ people’s emotions and intentions. If someone was to approach you or your family with the intention to hurt you, he would realize it and take care of it.

My dogs have never had to defend me or my home and generally welcome every single person who visits. But one time I had a tradesman come to the house and for whatever reason my female Rottie did not like him. She didn’t growl or bark, but she followed him like a shadow and stared at him the whole time. She was ‘on alert’. I’ve no idea why, but she felt something and I’ve no doubt at all that if he’d threatened me in any way she would have been on him in a second. I totally believe your boy has the same instincts.

Being neutered will not remove his guarding instincts, they’re genetic and hard-wired into his brain. A neutered or spayed dog will protect their owners and property in the same way intact dogs will.

Rottweilers are very loyal, loving dogs but they need close interaction with their families to reach their full potential. Being outside all the time won’t prevent your Rottie from protecting you, but it will rob him of a lot of happiness and attention – making his life so much less than it should be. Getting a female for him will not make him more protective and in my personal opinion it’s really not fair to get another dog for that kind of reason.

Never try to make a dog more protective than he feels the need to be, because those instincts are finely tuned and work the way nature intended. If you try to shape that behavior it usually causes problems and the dog either becomes fearful and anxious or hyper-reactive – neither of which you want and both will interfere with him being able to protect you should a real need arise.

Hope this has helped. I wish you the best of luck with that big baby of yours… just trust his instincts and you will be fine.

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Dec 18, 2014


Angryness NEW
by: Ebin thomas I have a 5 month old rottweiler and its female…
It is always happy with strangers..
Why? Can you sugest me som tips to make her more angry??

Dec 04, 2011


reminded me of another share NEW
by: Girish Sue, your reply reminded me of another experience shared by some one i read earlier.

A lady rotty owner – too had a very friendly rotty with her and even a party happending at home and this rotty been among every one moving around. then some new stranger came on door step and her rotty started barking at him and that lady had to send back that person saying if my rotty cant accept you inside, you have to go , we cant welcome you

and she was suprised to see the next morning news paper update about this same man been arrested for trying to steal from some houses on same area.



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