hot spots…??????

by Charlotte
(Erie, PA)

I love this pic!! he looks so comfy..

I love this pic!! he looks so comfy..

I love this pic!! he looks so comfy..

Hello again..!=)

I have been having a problem with Zeus and hot spots around his tail.. I know that diet can cause this but he is fed a very GOOD diet. As well as daily vitamins. Can the change in season cause him problems with his skin???

We have started him on Brewer’s yeast and spray to help with the hot spots but I can not seem to get them gone… I feel bad for him and don’t like to see him like this!! Is there anything else i can do???

thank you soooo much…

Hi Charlotte
Zeus certainly looks comfy doesn’t he, Rotties are such lazy dogs sometimes!

Hot spots are something that many Rottweilers suffer from due to their susceptibility to canine allergies of one sort or another. Flea bites are a big culprit here and so are dog food ingredient allergies.

A dog food doesn’t have to be ‘bad’ to cause a sensitivity or reaction, even premium foods can cause trouble if your dog is sensitive to a particular ingredient or ingredients. If you’re certain that Zeus doesn’t have any fleas then I’d recommend changing his diet and getting him onto a Hypoallergenic Dog Food and see if that helps.

Meantime, cortisone sprays can certainly help reduce the inflammation and itching and there are a number of natural supplements/treatments that can be helpful too. You’ll find more info and a selection of some of the best options on these webpages Dog Allergy Treatment and Canine Skin Allergies.

Hope this helps, best of luck with getting this under control so that your big boy is feeling better soon.

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Jun 27, 2016

Peroxide works NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, I’ve had a rottiie 8 yrs and last summer we noticed he had oozing spots on his cheek and then another on the other side. I had no idea what to do and several vets mentioned allergies. A friend of ours officially told us what it was and that we could go to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars but peroxide would work just as good. Some people may have a problem with this but now that the season has changed I’m treating his hot spot as we speak for the second time since last year. It did work so that’s the only reason I’m mentioning it. We all know when we put peroxide on our own cuts, that there is no pain involved (not like alcohol) so I feel confident in using this again. I do agree with a cone or something to make them not itch…which we can all agree is a struggle with our rotties. I do give him grape flavoured liquid Advil if I feel he is in discomfort or pain. I hope this helps but with anyone who loves pets, do your research and good luck!

Jun 23, 2016

Hot Spot Help NEW
by: CV

So I awoke this morning to my 2 y.o. male rottie scratching, shaking his head, and upon closer inspection, oozing a clear like substance from lesions and “bumps” on his neck and ears. In short, HOT SPOTS! Now here’s the thing w/ hot spots. They can happen very fast. Last night, little bump, this morning, full blown outbreak. Now I know there are numerous remedies, “solutions” whatever, but when it comes to my guy I only trust my vet. So off we go and several hours (and hundreds) later my guy had:
An anti inflammatory shot (lasts 2 weeks)
Antibiotics (3 weeks, once a day)
Nolvasan Solution (clean infected area 2x a day)
Gentocin topical spray (spray 2x a day after nolvasan).

That’s some list. And I should add they wanted to sedate and shave him but I declined. Personally I don’t like to anesthetize unless absolutely necessary. I’ve clipped back some of the hair and thoroughly massaged the medication in. Lastly they gave me an E collar (you know, the thing that makes your dog look like he gets cable) and even the vet said good luck keeping it on. My point, be vigilant to keep them from scratching and use the collar when sleeping/at work etc. I hope this is informative to those of you who were oblivious to hot spots like I was. Today was day 1 of treatment. Fingers crossed it goes well

Nov 24, 2015

I need help NEW
by: Anonymous

I just noticed my poor little guy I’m guessing has a hot spot I can’t tell if it’s healing it self or if I should still put treatment on him 🙁 he’s my first rottie and I’ve never seen hot spots before so I’m just not sure what to do I feel so horrible for him please I need advice

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