hip dysplasia what to do to help the dog

by Patrick Baize
(Owensboro Ky)

My Rottie was perfectly healthy till this Saturday. We were playing fetch one time when I threw the ball he ran to get it and came back limping holding the ball in his mouth. He had shown signs of hip dysplasia before in his gait but it has never popped out of joint like it seems to have done this time.

When I called the vet they said that it should be normal after a few days of rest. I hope they’re right. Are there some kind of pills I can give him for swelling and is there any good vitamins on the market to help with his hips?

Thanks any advice will be greatly appreciated

Hi Patrick
I’m surprised that your veterinarian didn’t suggest examining your dog as it’s important to make sure that you know exactly what is wrong. Although rest can help some conditions, and can be good for pups or dogs with Panosteitis or mild joint issues in a preventative or pro-active way. However, as a remedy for a hip joint that has ‘popped out’ (if that’s what’s happened), I personally don’t think it’s nearly enough.

I’m not a veterinarian though and I suggest that you take your dog into your veterinary clinic for a full exam. If he’s in pain your vet should be able to prescribe both anti-inflammatory and pain-killing medications which should help. He may need other treatment to help his hip/s both to treat the immediate problem and to help prevent it recurring.

There are certain supplements that can help strengthen joints and so on, but if your dog has a problem to the extent that the joint can pop out of place, these are not going to be useful.

I wish I could help more, and this is just my personal opinion, your veterinarian is obviously the professional. Your dog is relying on you to help him, so talk with your vet again and see what needs to be done.

Best of luck, hope he’s doing much better soon.

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