hip dysplasia in Rottweiler pup

Hi I know you’re not a veterinarian sorry but i wasn’t able to contact the vets on the site so i will have to ask you, maybe you will help me.

I have a 6 months female that has proven by x rays to have hip dysplasia in only one side and it’s not very severe but the dog has all the bad symptoms unfortunately. My question is what is the best treatment for the case taking into consideration that she has all symptoms of hip dysplasia.

Although she has the problem on a single side can acupuncture be useful and what is the time span for recovery ? in case of medications what medications should i give her and for how long ? in case of surgery what is the best surgery and what is the recovery period? and in case of surgery how is the after surgery care as it should be?

note that i’m ready to do anything for my pet but i want a satisfying normal or pre normal by 85% normal as a final result at the end whether by surgery or medication or whatever it takes.

please help me, i’m very frustrated and confused because i don’t know what is best thing to do please if you have no accurate background i will be happy to hear your opinion also, thanks.

I really wish I could help you but I know that what I can say or do is limited by the fact that I’m not a veterinarian and don’t have personal experience of taking care of a dog with hip dysplasia.

I strongly recommend that you try the online vet option that I offer on my Ask A Vet A Question page as you will get a much more knowledgeable and helpful answer to your very specific questions. If you have a problem with question function and it’s not working properly please do let me know so that I can check it out. As far as I can tell it’s working, but if you have difficulties please tell me.

I also have two pages on this site that deal with hip dysplasia in dogs, and particularly hip dysplasia in Rottweilers. You can find them here…

About Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Symptoms & Treatment of Canine Hip Dysplasia

These pages cover the causes, symptoms and treatment and have info. on the types of medications, surgeries and lifestyle changes that can help treat this condition.

There’s really not much more I can add I’m afraid. It may be the medicinal treatment can help, but if she’s already suffering severe symptoms and pain, then it may be that surgery is required. In that case, given your pups age I would think that the Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO) surgery may be the best option for her, but only a qualified veterinarian can make this decision.

As for recovery time and what you could expect long term, I really can’t say. I believe that if done early enough (before arthritic complications set in) and done successfully, this type of surgery could allow for a close-to-normal outcome. But again, every case is different and a professional needs to evaluate your pup and discuss it with you.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you more help but your vet is the very best source of info. and should be able to help you make the right decision. I wish you the very best of luck and hope that your pup can make a full recovery.

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