Hi! would like to check if this is a pure rottweiler

by Francis Sy







I’ve posted it in this faebook group of selling and buying of Rottweilers.

They’ve been telling me that its not a pure. but i’m pretty sure it is since the parents are both pure bred.

Would u guys mind checking it for me? One is male and the other is female. Thanks!

Hi Francis. Firstly I have to say that the ONLY way to be absolutely sure that a puppy is purebred is to have registration papers from a REPUTABLE organization (such as the KC in the UK or the AKC in the USA or the ADRK in Germany). I am not sure if there is an equivalent organization in the Phillipines for dogs bred there, but I’m sure you know the answer to that.

If you have these types of papers for both parents and the puppies, and have seen the pedigrees for all, then you can be fairly sure that the pups are indeed purebred.

The next question is what type of quality of dogs they are from. Purebred Rottweilers (or any breed) can be healthy and conformationally correct representations of their breed, or sickly dogs or have poor breed characteristics. If you simply want a pet dog then as long as parents and puppies are healthy then they don’t need to be show quality in terms of conformation and looks. There is room for both types of dog. However, pups who are not healthy or whose parents are not healthy, or who have not had at least basic health testing done are not a good choice.

Finally, these puppies look as though they could well be purebred Rottweilers, although they are not necessarily great representatives of the breed. The female looks better in terms of size and body/head shape, but as long as they’re healthy either pup will most likely make an excellent pet.

Rottweiler characteristics are temperamental as well as physical and the loving, loyal, intelligent traits are more important in pets than show-ring looks.

The small touches of white are not uncommon in Rottweilers, certain bloodlines still pass this on, although they are often a fault and not acceptable for showing.

I hope this helps. Anyone else who has input please feel free to help Francis out.

~ Sue

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Feb 22, 2017

pure rottweiler NEW
by: v.china

Your dog is more than likely pure Rott. Often the white comes from over breeding. Puppy mills are common for this. I bought a girl years ago because I wanted to get her off that Rott farm. She was the runt of her litter and had white on her hind side. She is 3 years now and the best out of all my dogs. The white faded but is still there. You can see her photos on this very site. (Polo and Layla).. Good luck

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